Need Tire Suggestions 200x50

Hi everyone. I need some tire suggestions for MBS Rockstar II hubs. Due to ground clearance needs, I need them to be 200x50 size. I have been rocking MBS T3s for the last couple sets and want to try something new. Looking for the best combination of comfort, tread life, and grip. I know you can’t be perfect in all categories but something that is good in all areas preferred.

90% of my riding is on pavement with the rest being grass, gravel, and hard packed dirt. I am located in Florida for context.

CST tires have been pretty good lately. Kendas are also decent but latest batches have been known to be more wobbly. @Boardnamics has a bunch of stock still I think

Kenda K909’s have always been solid for me

About how many miles do they last you?

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How is the trade life for you? About how many miles would you think they’d last just cruising, basic carving and distance riding.

Kendas for basic riding have lasted me over 700 miles at least so far. They’re starting to get a little thin but still have some life left. CST I’ve heard are pretty good but I don’t have em

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Okay that sounds about the same as the T3s. Maybe a little more.

Any idea on where to get the CSTs? I have only found them on boundmotors site as a full set, not just tires.

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Well aliexpress is usually where I’d look for those. Someone else may have a link or input though @Evwan you run cst now right

Available here for a good price CST 8"AT tyres – Bioboards Eskate

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I just run whatever apex sells, which is clever brand. The cst jnobbies are the junk ones that only go to like 32 psi iirc.

Yeah I was talking CST street ones

Oh, I mean op was running jnobbies. Sounds like that’s what they need. I haven’t had those cst street tires, but I’ve heard good things about them.

:man_shrugging: sounds like he could get away with a smoother tire ahah might be worth trying

I rode on plenty of hardpack with my kendas, sure you don’t have as much grip as knobby but its not bad

I just changed my Kenda’s (after many many miles) for a set of CST’s and they run like butter !! The Kenda’s tend to be wobbly indeed, the CST’s are super smooth and straight.

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The Kenda’s lasted forever , great tyre too. If the CST last as long as the Kenda’s, the CST is a def winner because they run so damn smooth.

Can’t comment on the longevity though… had only one ride on the CST’s


Thank you guys for all the help. I decided to go with the Kendas since they were $30 cheaper after shipping and they seem based on feedback to last longer.

I don’t really need knobby tires since I do little offroading outside of occasional trails and cutting thru grass as needed (pedestrian traffic). Plus my ground clearance is very very low due to having a 12s8p battery and a mountainboard deck that curves upwards aon either side (see profile pic)

If you guys have any suggestions as to increase my clearance outside of tire size, let me know.

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oh i read that backwards. i thought it said 90% not pavement

You can put risers between your trucks and deck for a little bit more clearance. I wouldn’t go too wild though.

We both stock cst and kenda 8". What I can say about them: CST feels slightly softer/nicer to ride. But kenda is a lot more durable and will work longer.

Do you have any suggestions for risers? I have the mbs ones and they are plastic and sound horrible. I don’t expect them to last very long