Need some input to finish up

Hey guys I feel I post a lot of dumb questions on here but I’m frustrated with my Diyeboard kit so I’m looking to upgrade. So plan is to get a running board at least with some upgraded parts. Figure I’d stick with a single belt drive for now until the time comes. Parts list so far is

  • db flex deck
    -TB 6380 motor
    -TB caliber II motor mount
    -Caliber II trucks
    -85mm blue kegels
    -evolve kegel drive(doesn’t seem to fit the calibers and wheels together)
    -pyschotiller Argonaut enclosure bought off a member here…

So my question comes to with the extra 500$ I have left what would be my next step as far as ESC/VESC , remote and battery option as well as a kegel pulley that will work with caliber trucks? Any input is greatly appreciated . I do have large hills on my commute to work but thankfully it’s only about 2 miles and 1 27% incline that I should hopefully be able to make it up. Would like to be around 10-15mile range and maybe 20-25mph if possible?

Or do I just take the 500 and get a prebuilt Chinese board and hold off and upgrade down the road?

If you want to make it up that 27% incline at a decent speed, adjust your gear ratio so your no load speed is about 34mph and use 60a battery current limit per motor at 12S with 2 motors. You should be able to maintain nearly 30mph up that incline with that setup.

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Caliber trucks have standard axle lengths. If you wanna use non bolt on pulleys you’ll need to get e caliber trucks with longer axles or remove some metal from the hanger to expose more axle.

Probably easier just to buy a bolt on wheel pully


The incline will be hard to jduge atleast for me as I don’t have any steep hills around my area. I would say a 10s5P or 6p would give you your desired range a 12s5p would be the same amount of battery as a 10s6p. With a 12s battery you need a more reliable vesc and not a cheap chinese vesc from ebay or from diyeboards, who by the way suck and can go to hell for there shitty business practices.

Like @skunk said the press fit would not really work on calibers cause of the axel length except BKB I believe you dont have to modify the trucks.

I think if you go full diy i wouldn’t get your hopes up on having it running this summer. Shiiiiiit happens.
If you want something to ride soon. Buy the pre built and maybe take your time this fall/winter on the dual drive diy build.
Single drive can do some hills, but its harder on the parts and it’s not gonna be quick.

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I believe that you can get a build together quick as long as you buy from trusted vendors. No pre-orders!!! Only plug-and-play parts!

Also, with a flexy deck you have to be sure your enclosure can flex as well (needs to be multi-part likely), and you need a flexible battery as well. Makes things more challenging, as you can see :smiley:

Also, why not get a kegel wheel pulley from TB? They’re bolt on, so you can use them with standard Calibers.


Ah yeah that makes sense . The kegel adapter came with a small kit someone was selling so it made me basically cave and buy kegels. I have MBS all terrains and some abec 90mm clones as well just was hoping to use the kegels. Battery seems to be the hardest part for me to source without dropped the 500 on that alone. The 10s5p from diyeboard worked fine for a couple months but now it’s shit. There is someone in my area selling a backfire g2 brand new in box for 300 but I don’t know much about the g2 or how well it will hold up on these rough roads in the area. Any suggestions on a prebuilt thatll hold up and get me to enjoy this summer if I can’t get things together? I was think almost of getting a 10s4p and a flipsky mini 4.2 fsesc and slapping those together with maybe a stiffer blank deck for now but not sure that’ll happen anytime soon by sourcing the parts

Didn’t think about the TB kegel pulley. Might be a fairly quick solution to that problem.

I honestly don’t know much about pre built stuff. But i do know that being on a budget + first diy can take longer than expected.

One thing that’s nice about pre built stuff is it typically has a warranty. I’d find out if that backfire still has one.

I’ve been told many times and guess I didn’t listen enough…now it’s my turn to say it.

DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON THE BATTERY. Your life and house is on the line. I bought from from a shady vendor. Result : I lost every single component in my case
Go for quality batteries from well known vendors (there is a shit ton here available). For power, hill climbing, and range, you won’t be able to go cheap to be satisfied

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I would recommend a 10s3p if you want 8-10 miles and a 10s4p if you want closer to a 15 mile range battery and since your deck is quite flexible make sure your battery is flexible. If you want I could build you one just pm me.

You think he’ll get that outta 3p with the hills he has?

Sorry I missed the part about hills I have personally got 13 miles off a 3p but with no hills.

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Realistically the hills aren’t super crazy, 1 section of my commute is tough like I said about 27% but after that it’s pretty simple. The diyeboard 10s5p made it up no issues with the dual 5055s before I swapped to bigger wheels. So I figured a better battery pack with 30q cells even 10s3p or 10s4p would be about as good.

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with 30a battery limit per motor, 2 motors, 42v, gear ratio such that no load speed is 19.5mph (4.55:1 with 190kv & 100mm tire)— you can maintain ~18.7mph on 25%


@professor_shartsis You are a heck of a good reference in these calculations. I get totally lost. 12s6p(30q) 125gummies 190kv dual and gear ratio of 2.93… would you know my speeds and range?

@Flasher range at what speed and with how many kWh? what slope? do you want to know with your current ratio or with the ideal ratio? what battery current limit per motor?

@professor_shartsis 40km/h avg-55km/h max speed. No slopes ( or very few). 2450w motors. Current ratio (15t/44t) and ideal (?t/44t) currents limits I have no idea. I haven’t had a real chance to test out different settings so your suggestions are my best bets
I want to go for as much range as I can get on flat but still be able to climb if I go on the other side of the city where its lots of 25-30% hills

@Flasher well to begin with your max V is actually 96.5kmh / 60mph with 1.81:1

that’s about:
96.5kmh/5.04kWh = 19.14km/kWh <----


60mph/5.04kWh = 11.9mi/kWh <----

@professor_shartsis I know theoretically I could go a hell of a lot faster but I dont want to die so I’ll be limiting the old thumb on the remote :slight_smile: so I understand I would need 1.81 ratio For best results?