Need some help with first Board

So, I finally finished my first build, and it works really well. Been ironing out some of the problems the past few days, and have run into one major problem. My motor mount keeps slipping and rotating around my truck, causing the motor to scrape against the ground. I’ve tightened all the screws, but there are a couple of ones that keep coming undone, causing it to slip all over again. Any help would be appreciated.

My board:

As you can see, the motor is scraped quite a bit. These are the screws that keep coming undone. I don’t really want to use thread locker or glue because they are really small and I want to make sure I can unscrew them if need be. (I’ve used Elmer’s glue on a few of the enclosure screws where the inserts didn’t fit in perfectly, but they are not needed to hold the enclosure in due to an excess number of screws, and they are big enough I can remove the glue with a toothpick or something if needed.) I was wondering if there was a way these screws would easily stay, but also be easily removed.
(It is the small silver ones that dig into the trucks to hold it there.)

Off-Topic: Right now my motor starts up and makes the board go backward. I know I can change this by just switching around the motor, but I was wondering if there was a way I could set it to just reverse immediately since there is a reverse switch on my remote, but it resets every time I turn on/off the board.

Thank you in advance

You need to at least blue threadlocker. Don’t worry it’s not permanent and typically pretty easy to break.

Start there.

Yeah blue threadlock for the screws. Is that a Dickyho motor mount?

What speed controller are you running? I know in VESC tool or the like you can just click a checkbox that reverses motor direction. I use that so I can keep my phase wire colors in a cool order lol


Yes it is a dickyho motor mount. Thank you for the threadlocker advice.

This is my ESC - I think i might just switch the colors, since its easier than removing the enclosure, and I don’t see any of the colors in my design.

For the threadlocker, do I just put it on top of the screw, or into the hole then screw it in?

With blue threadlocker I cover the entirety of the screw pretty good. I had the exact same issue as yours with different mounts and they kept slipping until I really covered the bolts with threadlocker and waited for a whole day for it to cure. I think one of them even slipped AGAIN after that…Totally fucked my motors up, tis a shame. I now use red threadlock on pretty much everything, just take a heat gun to it for 20 seconds to remove it. I tried 290 green recently and that stuff was way too strong for my liking but some guys swear by it. I inevitably end up taking things apart again and don’t mind torching things for a few seconds so I like the red


Yeah I don’t think I would ever use red. I had blue get stuck before and it felt horrible to torch steel to get it out. totally ruined the finish and temper I am sure.

I would put a line down one side of the screw and a drop in the hole and then screw it in. Where on the mount is it slipping? The friction part of it?

And ya just switch phase wires


listen to @ShutterShock, he knows a lot more than I do

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Lol I have gotten 8 bolts stuck in my mounts because of blue, I think I probably used too much, but in his application blue is definitely better than nothing

Like you said some people swear by red/green but I have never seen it necessary in my applications

Torching is a way to release it but very inconvenient and stresses the metal, especially on something like the dickyho mount that relies on material properties for holding firm

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Oh yeah, I forgot that was happening for me too, or I’d strip bolts with the blue. I’ve replaced all my hardware with alloy 12.9 per @Skunk recommendation and I haven’t stripped a one of them yet!


My first mounts had stainless steel… plus my Allen wrenches were a Walmart special.
I stripped so many heads…
You can cut a lot of corners in esk8
Good hardware and tools isn’t really one of them.


Awesome! Thank you for the advice. There shouldn’t be any problems except for appearances on the motor scraping that little bit right? The outer casing of the motor seems to be pretty thick, so I wasn’t really worried about it, but just making sure. If I care about the appearances, ill just take some black paint to it.

Thank you so much again.

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I’m sure it’s fine, mine looked like that after many miles, as long as it doesn’t make any clicking or scraping noises it’s just cosmetic issues.

You could cover it up with vinyl wrap, that’s what I’m doing. It still looks jank but I hate my life a little less when I look at it.

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JEEz it looks like you put that motor in a washing machine with the entirety of a rocky beach


That’s what happens when your mounts slip and and spin and drag your motors on the concrete for a second.


Is the bolt that holds the mounting plate onto the ring in the right orientation? The bolt should go through the hole with no threads first then into the threaded hole.

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I use a line of blue on almost everything, I won’t touch the red. Blue hasn’t let me down, haven’t lost any hardware, and aside from motor pulleys (which I don’t use threadlocker on anyways) I haven’t had a problem getting anything to release. Good tools is a must.

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Only time I’ve ever used the green loctite is today. This motor gear didn’t have a set screw so it could slide laterally.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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Does the pulley have a keyway?