Need some confirmation

yes, this is exactly what I’m doing, but I’m actually putting it on more realistic testing and at elevated temperature, which is what really kills wheels and the wheel is going to be driven.


I have a boiler room in my house that is always super hot, maybe if I can throw a rig together I could test a sample wheel.

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Yeah, that could work. I’m still working out the mechanical fixture, which is where all the money is going. Lots of custom metal parts, which is why I’m trying to cut cost where I can. If it is affordable, then that would be helpful and I’ll send it over. All that is really needed for temp is just any off the shelf space heater. I’m just going to point it directly at the wheel

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Where do you live?

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Olympia WA, not a hot place so I did not ask before but I do have the hot ass room and time to test wheels.

A lot of time.

OK cool. I really appreciate the help! Just have to control cost because the rig is going to be A) really expensive to make and also really expwensive to ship

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I was just starting to think about how I would whip a motor/wheel holder up… Would really need some ABS to feel safe PLA would no cut it for the bearing blocks and stuff.

more inspiration, you definitly want a single roller to get more realistic deformation I would assume.

@TheGoodMomentum update the hot boiler room is only around 100deg F which is not really good enough I think

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For the motor wheel holder, it’s a dissected skateboard truck. Spring actuated so I can make sure I know how much wheel preload to the floor it has.

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might as well go direct to the vesc rather than through actuators to keyboard on computer to the vesc.

people have used arduino’s to directly control via ppm or via serial commands over the uart.

I’ve not heard of this, but I bet you can figure out the serial over usb protocol too and just write a program to run your tests in place of vesctool. no arduino needed.

or it could all be a rats nest… and do what you know is best.

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You will need to simulate the torsion of the rubber as well a 2nd motor on the drum with a resistor acros the phase leads will proberbly do it. When I’ve tested generators we use oven elements to create the loads

Yeah, rat nest. I didn’t want to create that, but I just want to get started up as fast as possible.

Talked to Torqueboards and the guy over email wasn’t very sure, so it is looking more like Arduinos actuating a keyboard it is. I already know arduino and can get started fast.

I have a modified gocart axle and it has a disc brake.

I already have a working Arduino code for sending throttle commands directly to a VESC. You would just have to add the desired sequence of how you want to throttle.


Should start a new thread just about that.

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where do i view the tires and tubes and such?

I’ll take some pictures in a few. I am pulling the gears off of your motors atm.

Sweet. Thanks. I’m building 2 board right now. I need parts

Ok. (All tires & tubes are 200 x 50.)

  1. new, never used Tiancho tires & tubes. (I put balancing beads in 2 of the tubes, but never got around to trying then out. You can have those for $28 all.

  2. used mbs tires (no tubes) $10 for set.

2 used mbs tires, tubes, and Rockstar wheels (some missing hardware) And the bearing slots may be a bit wallered out. $20 for set.

Ill take those tianchos. $28 total?

I’m all for selling parts, but can you take it to DM so I can solve the problems for my testing rig? I appreciate it.