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Hey everyone,

What I’m trying to do: Build a test rig that can spin a wheel fast enough for 50mph and modulate acceleration and braking. I want the machine to run all day and all night by running a wheel continuously at 50mph and doing aggressive acceleration (no braking… for reasons below) autonomously until I find the failure point. I really just need some feedback on the electrical part list since this has a lot to do with a common Esk8 build. I’m sure some of your are EE, so you have more experience finding parts for this kind of thing than I do.

I think I have narrowed down the part list.

Motor: standard 6355 190kV motor
Power Supply: I think most 12s battery packs do 44V and 30A? This is what I’m struggling to find - the recommended amps. Is that correct? So far this kind of power supply seems like a good candidate:

Would that be the correct power supply? Any one have any other good leads? Ignoring all the other mechanical and electrical hook ups - those are the major components I need, right?

There is a problem that I cannot modulate acceleration or deceleration by accessing the ESC. So I have to do something more analog. I can connect to the ESC through a laptop and actuate the motor; I can accelerate or decelerate the wheel by the computer arrow key.

So then I was going to get an Arduino with some linear actuators and develop an interface so it can press the keys for me and run my tests.

I would rather not do all this hacking and my first thought was to do this all with a brush motor and a brush motor controller into a PLC, but everything just seems so much more expensive. The motor controllers are super cheap, but I’m really struggling to find a cheap yet capable motor matching that of a 6355 190kv motor (everything seems to be $300+ and it isn’t as powerful as off the shelf DIY ESK8 motors). Am I missing anything?

At least with the setup I can build another skateboard in the future, but I’m not optimizing for that - just cost and simplicity.

Any thoughts?



change the ESC to a TORQUE 6 if possible also you are from the LA area there are used parts that you could get cheaper for this.

instead of using a power supply I would use a cheap battery being fed from a power supply because I don’t know how you could do regen otherwise.
does not get cheaper than is
and again there are some free or mega cheap batteries that you could maybe even borrow locally.

oh I meant to tag one of the people who know about running custom scripts on VESC based escs

lmao I’m so relating with your way of thinking

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I have every part you need and would definitely let you borrow them and help you make the test stand but I am hundreds of miles away. :frowning_face:

Someone will step up!

I was going to do coast down and just aggressively accelerate at 130F (stick a space heater on the wheel) and keep cycling for thousands of miles till failure to make sure the molds and everything are good for the final Hollow Wheel release. Since most of the load and failure is due to high impact and elevated temp, I figured that would be good.

The wheel will be rolling up against a big drum with big bumps to simulate pot holes so I’m not to worried about deceleration because of the bumps and the mass of the drum.

But is 30A and 44V the correct supply for the ESC? Or does that simulate the 12s battery?

Yes, I am in the LA area.


Oh, can I run custom scripts on a torque 6? I have been trying to contact Torqueboards but several emails over several days are just not answered and I need this done asap

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Hmmm… can’t find anything called Torque6 or anything like that on their site. Sorry to keep bothering. You have a link?

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dex at TB is hard to reach most of the time. All VESC based ESCs can do most of the same functions. Torque 6 is only sold over Email as it is pre-release testing right now. The actual reason I recommend you get a TB6 is they run much cooler and kick the ass of the TB esc you linked and fail much much less, for not a ton more money.

The Torque 6 makes my 110 wheel loose grip on smooth dry ground. You want them for real life testing your wheels.
The power supply you are talking about sounds like it would work great, I was just pointing out how it seems to me like a cheaper and more available solution is a battery.
@SoCalLA what spare parts you tryin to get rid of?


Ah, I see. The only reason why I shy away from a battery is because it might run down the battery really fast and then I have to keep charging and thus have downtime, which I don’t want.

I really appreciate your feedback. Yeah, I’ll take a look. Sold me on it


Can it be connected to the computer and can you actuate the motor with the keyboard key?

Good to know on the torque. I’ll be doing 100% full throttle and doing a lot of PWM between 0% and 100%.

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that’s why I said it would be fed by a power supply but it could be even a very small sub >10A unit which you might already have one of that spec. Set the power supply to 80% charge and you get brakes and unlimited energy.

@CiscoV loves the Twerkboxv6esc

also you got parts for this guy or what?


sold me again. Thanks for your input!

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To each its own. Those vesc are legit at a very very affordable price. I Highly recommend them :ok_hand:t3:


you should get @DRI to hook you up with the New NRF stuff you will love wifi

The vesc has a terminal where you can use some number of commands that would prob accomplish your goal.

Sorry. One more question. What do you mean by “Sub”. That must be some sort of slang for power supply?


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darngit it was just regretting using both “sub” and < together as that is an error

I am not sure how much current will be required to run your jig but it will only be the average draw using a battery bank. Should be less than 10A

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this is not what I was looking for, wanted a list of the commands available.
“I want to use the VESC Tool to control a test motor on my dyno, e.g. to set up different rpm’s in a sequence”
huh lol thought this was you for a sec dude

@TheDude get anywhere with this? not you?

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I don’t think I have anything, exactly, what you need. I have 6 lipo packs ( 2 have < 20 cycles, 2 have < 15 cycles, & 2 have < 7 cycles.)

Got 2 Turnigy SK3 6374 192KV, hardly used. But @deadpirate might want 'em on Tuesday (if he hasn’t already found something.
Also, I have various pulleys, belts, 200x50 tires/tubes, rockstar 2’s, probably some other random shit.
Oh…got a nice little balance charger, and balance boards.
You guys are probably way deeper into this thing than I am. Lol.


kek you did not read the beginning, oh even then it is not obvious.
He is “DIYing” his own wheels
is it still DIY if you get it made overseas?
@Boardnamics weigh in, do you DIY your parts?
@TheGoodMomentum I would have named this thread “help making testing jig for hollow wheels”
right now it is hiding.


I’m still good for Tuesday


soem inspiration