Need some box Advice

Hi ! I need advice for optimize my build who ride like a charm but the big center box is pretty massive and i search solution for downsize it and put a vesc heatsink in.

I have tried to put a chinese heatsink on the top but bad idea and i put a aluminium piece for fix the hole

If you have some ideas or picture for inspiration, i would :

-weatherproof box
-openable box (for lipo charge and balance)
-all in one (lipo+vesc in the box)
-most little as possible
-vesc heatsink for keep it longer

My actual setup work fine but vesc often hit 70°C and have a lot of lost place in the box, it’s a 609 underwater on silentblock between box and deck, many time i’m looking for something new (like the 409 box) but can’t find something good.

Thanks for reading


Whats the size if your lipos?

190mm lenght
75mm width
65mm thickness

Each and i have 2

Maybe something from those will fit your needs

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Maybe this will help for inspiration. I do use a small heatsink which does help a little bit with vesc cooling.

Thanks, but my problem isn’t to find the good box but how manage 2 lipo and 2 vesc on a bullet proof box without issue

Thanks for the oakley link, maybe i stay on underwater or chinese box, oakley is pretty pricey.
Love your management with the neoboxes, thinking to do the same with a vesc heatsink from 3dsas

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What exactly is then the problem?
Just get some cheap heat sink like this which is bigger them your two vescs.

Drill tap some mounting holes for the vescs.
Cut the top of the box open in the size of the vescs and
Glue the heat sink down with some sikaflex or silicone and you good to go.



I did this

But not really cooling down, wrong method i guess, sealing was terrible so im looking for a better solution

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I would glue the heat sink from the up to cover the cut out and make it look a bit more clean next time.
That massive heat sink should have been more them enough to cool your vesc :sweat_smile::thinking:
I put a bit of thermal paste between my escs and the heat sink before I mount everything together. Something like this

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Never try thermal past, but sealing abs and aluminium with sikaflex was a wrong idea because it dont stick on them.

If i keep my heatsink on the top i must remove it every time for charging my lipos.

I win few more degrees cool down with it but it was too massive and i destroy everything when i put it in my car, fins cut my hands and my seats.
Anyway, still on searching, thanks for your help

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Yeah the huge fins really do not look practical and a bit dangerous too :sweat_smile:

Exactly, the fins bends and end up being full of mud

I wouldn’t put the ESC with the battery. What you need is an ESC case. You might need to rewire your configuration, so either you just put the enclosure on top of the battery box or you place it at the back of board.

I would suggest this

Or this

I have the second one and really like it, it comes with a rubber seal and is IP68 waterproof.

I assume the Apex is very waterproof as well, but I don’t have one to evaluate.


Thanks for your links dude, are this case 100% waterproof ? Ipwhatyouwant is cool but on hard rain its good ?

Its rainy days and i take entire board underwater when kick some puddles on rural path and my 609 box never let me down.

My vesc come back from germany for a save because water enter in a vesc cheap chinese box , so i never had 3d or apex vesc case in hand but at 100e i would know if its really sealed.

Dont like the look of the rear board with that case but i can do a compromise, how do you fix it on the bottom ?

Edit : the bottom case is aluminium ?

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so the 3ds case is definitely waterproof, it has seals both top and bottom. I have high-pressured my whole board and zero water can come in. I would put it in the bath to prove it if i had the will to dismantle everything haha. the top and bottom plate is 6mm 6082 aluminium. the esc are upsidedown in the enclosure if that makes sense (cooling fins at the top)

you can use different glands like these ones for example, or you can get them in black or even metal.
image image image

you fix to the bottom with the truck bolts. I personally use only the back two truck bolts so i can adjust the bushings position if i want to.


thanks for explanations, few more questions, why the tape/heatshrink on the glands ? whats is your yellow dampas and bushings ?

i use this glands on my box and they do their job even underwater.

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it’s just a mock up because i want to use mr60 with a 3d printed case. so they are not glands, just wires with some sleeving.

ah, so this is some special run of @3DServisas PU bushings for trampa stlye trucks. They are pretty amazing :grin: :ok_hand:

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allright, custom order from 3d or possible to order some of these ? vesc enclosure is out of stock :pensive:
nice box ! is the top button the on/off switch ?

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not for mr60 i don’t think. anything is possible with @3DServisas but he is a busy man and on some things it’s not worth it. i can share the STL file if you want to print it?
3ds enclosure is not 3d printed btw, it is a solid piece of POM that has been CNC’ed.

? it is in stock, just not every colour