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Need some advice


I’ve been lurking for a while and have learned a lot about DIY builds. I’m not ready to start from scratch, but want to but a decent complete and modify.

Anyway, I found a Bioboards Radium for sale with the following specs.

Deck: Landy Yachtz
Motors: 2x Maytech 6374 170Kv 3500W
Pulley: 17T+40T
Top speed: 58-60km/h
Battery: 12s4p 30Q+ in parrallel to Boosted xr13s2p.
Mount: Tourqueboard 63 Mounts
Wheels: Tourqueboard 110mm
VESC: Focbox Unity
Trucks: TB218
Remote: Flipsky VX2 Pro

I’m hoping to swap out of the 36 Switchblade to a slight bigger board with a double stacked enclosure. The gear drive was swapped out for a belt drive. So I’ll be looking to fix that courtesy of EToxx’s gear drive kits :grin:

Enclosure looks to be a DIY (see pictures) and I’m not sure how easy it will be to take the internals out without causing damage.

Any suggestions on decks and also is there anything that I should be aware of when swapping over?

I’m asking for picture of inside the enclosure to see what kind of state it’s in, I’ll post once they arrive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What leads you to belove that’s a bioboards radium? It’s defiantly not.

There’s a lot of things in this post that seem odd. I’ll start with this…



Looks like the left motor mount has bent.

The Right motor looks parallel to the crossbar but the left seems to be bent outwards.

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Definitely not a Bioboards Radium(see below), I wouldn’t buy from this guy as he seems to be spouting nonsense.
[Edit] looking closer there is a possibility, but why make them changes.


That makes me worried…

And for 1000€ what he is asking could start build something more clean…


@mackann Bioboards killer right here. this surely puts the plutonium to shame right? right?

@monkeysapien Bioboards only use @3DServisas Parts for the trucks and gears, and the enclosures are made by @eBoosted i beleive which certainly don’t look like that.
And as @mmaner pointed out

very big oof. 13s on a unity is no no unless you are a maniac like @longhairedboy

Share a link where you found this ‘‘great deal’’, because this price isn’t too bad but i wouldn’t trust the seller on my life with this crap


So much confusion in one post lmao

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I don’t even you all and I love you😂

I asked the guy selling if he made the enclosure and he said that was how he bought it. The deck didn’t look like the Switchblades used I had seen on other Radiums which I couldn’t understand (still a lot more to learn).

I found it on Facebook in one of the buy/sell esk8 groups.

Oooo I hope he sends pics of the inside. I’m looking forward to this now.


Boosted battery is lifepo4, cells have different voltage ranges than li ion. And then again 52v charger, overcharging both batteries? I am really not sure how that works

Also, 2000€ price?


How has that board not caught on fire with such an extreme difference of voltages??
Might as well add a few TURNIGY packs in there. Not like he cares about selling deadly crap to people


AHH I didn’t know! Cheers!

I read 1000 but OP seems to have made an edit…?

The only thing i can se is same as Radium is the Focbox Unity and the battery display


Is it just me or does the deck have a mad twist in it?

Might just be that shadow throwing me off


I made the radium enclosures.


mad twist from the fotos…

But’ I’d say… if someone took the basic shape of a claw-foot cast-iron bathtub and had a rough try at it scaled to esk8 size… added herbs and ineptness…

there she is…

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Nah that’s next generation concave :point_up:

Looks more like the shadow of the concave make it look like twisted.


i does look weird, right Andy?

but probably less weird than the remainder of the board…

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Yikes! Pardon me!


@BigBen didn’t make that abortion…

no YIKES required