Need opinion on upgrading old Carbon GT.

Hey guys, this is my first post here. I have a friend who has an old Evolve carbon GT. He wants to replace the wheels and the motors to a 63mm form factor. I was wondering if it is ok to use Ownboards 7 inch wheel+pulley, and also it’s 63mm motor mount. I think it should work just fine, anyone tried this exact setup let me know if encountered any issues or what to keep in mind.

Why not just use evolves AT setup?

Evolve’s setup doesn’t allow for 63xx motors

I will be upgrading to VESC and new battery as well

It’s hard to get shipped to my country


why does he want 63xx motors? For most applications 5xxx motors are fine.

ironic, given most DIYs are 63xx and most diy mounts are for said size now, and i want 5xxx motors

but, 5653 pocket rockets are in my possession now :smiling_imp:


New battery in a Carbon GT is almost certainly going to be a fire hazard unless it’s a battery SPECIFICALLY for that deck. They are extremely thin, and if not done in a really weird way, the battery is too thick, and you will be standing on it, pinching wires, just waiting for a fire.


I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend NOT using that deck if you’re going to replace every other component. That deck is horrible to build with, and can be very dangerous too, and only semi-safely holds a 10S4P (of 18650) anyway.

Just use a different deck.


I’ve built a load of packs for these with no reported issues and you can fit a 10s5p 18650 if you print a spacer to lower the heatsink and stack the bms on top of the esc.

It definitely needs to constructed in a tight and considered manner for it to fit safely tho, i have seen several of these boards catch fire with aftermarket batteries in them.


Fitting 18650 cells all the way in the front of that enclosure, means you are standing on the battery, if you don’t leave like 4cm empty in the front.

What do you think is a good deck that has a similar shape?

Well I’m not in that market because I don’t really build many longboards anymore.

But honestly, probably ANY other carbon deck will be better than that one. (the Evolve Carbon GT deck) Literally any other one. 18650 cells do not fit in there, and it’s a fire hazard IMHO trying to make them fit. It’s my feeling that’s why Evolve used the prismatic pouches crap in the first place, because they fucked up the deck and made it too small.

You can fit a 10S4P in there but only leaving about 4cm empty space at the front and only if the battery is constructed a certain exact way by an experienced builder. Nobody’s “first or second time I made a battery” work will ever be safe in that deck, IMHO. And it’s not even an ideal deck otherwise.

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You could always teach yourself how to fibreglass and make a new lid for it. Mega effort tho.

The metroboard deck is nice and spacious.

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I agree, there are a ton of ways to DIY a fix for it, but I feel like just starting with that deck at all is an easily avoided mistake.

“Literally any other carbon deck made for esk8” I would pick over that one.

They also have other issues like the lid bolts stripping. And once the hex is rounded off, they’re a motherfucker to get out.

Practicality wise, sure. But in fairness, it’s a pretty sweet deck to ride IMO.


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The countersunk screws and no antisink plate hurt my soul


This brings me :star_struck:

Yeah that was the first day. I think ended up drop thru after I got 3ds base plates. I couldn’t find a picture. This was 2 years ago

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Ok, point noted. Since I haven’t got the board yet, and I don’t have the dimensions of the empty space, can someone tell me what’s the max size battery I can fit in ? is 12s4p 21700 possible with a relatively small 15A BMS for charge only ?