Need help with vesc tool to remote set up

Hey everyone need help programming my nano controller to my vesc too will Venmo anyone who is willing to walk me through it 25$ I have it conected but can’t get the reverse or speed options to work

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Dude dont pay anyone for this haha, this is what the forum is for. Just tell us what you have tried, and what is not working. Also more info about your setup could help.

You may also get more input on this if you post here:


Did you click apply after calibration?
Also, I think control type should be current brake no reverse (you really want no reverse, trust me!)

If you donate the money to hosting from the link in the top bar, it’s all we need. We will all help you for free. :slight_smile:


First advice is ALWAYS click “Read Motor configuration” and “Read App configuration” before changing anything. After changing anything, ALWAYS click “Write Motor configuration” and “Write App configuration”. It’s a weird user interface. Don’t forget to do that. Ever.

Try turning on the “RT APP” on the right side. Does that help? You should be able to see in real time now.


Also, check if your VESC is getting signal from the remote when turning the wheel. That way we can be sure that it’s not your motors that are not connected etc :slight_smile:


I definitely will I’d prefer that will take post down when I get home

Kinda need help board keeps shutting off when I speed up

What battery do you have? What BMS? Is it wired bypass or discharge? What is your ESC high and low cutoff set to?

does this help
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God speed my dude.


What trucks and wheels are those?

Customs trucks of eBay and had the wheels printed for me

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TPU printed sk8 wheels?

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Two different materials

Does anyone know where to buy Metr pro or other Bluetooth module that works with xmatic app

Is that a scooter hub?

The metr is great for on the fly tinkering. If u just want voltages and use the vesc tool on a computer, then there are cheaper options.

Thank you and they are trust worthy to ship to us

For sure. But, a simple hm10 … hold on

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Not sure I want speed on my phone tho