Need help with vesc setting

Hello I’m putting together my first diy with the battery from my eovan gts. I set it up as best as I could but I’m not 100% sure if I’m using the correct settings. Was looking to run it by yall. My main concern is how can I throttle down the top speed. When I throttle it on low medium and high on vx2 it shows 46 mph. It just changes how fast it accelerates. I want the high setting to max out at 30. Medium to max out at 25 and low to max out at 20. Is this possible? Also can the vx2 show battery percentage not just a colored battery bar. But also want to make sure these settings are safe and my board won’t blow up. I set the battery as 19.200 ah and 12s. Here are pics of my settings and pics of my components.

95% x 30mph / 46mph = 62%

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No, because those modes aren’t controlling speed, they are controlling power. You can still reach the same top speed in all modes, it will just take longer to reach it.

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Do not change the Max ERPM unless these are propellers, this is dangerous on wheels.

I only changed it to 80000 and -80000 that was already on 80%

I would set those back to factory defaults.

That’s the motor speed you want your brakes to stop working at.

I did that becuase the youtube video I watched said that all the focbox can handle

Not having brakes is a good way to let it rise even higher and in any case it’s a safety hazard.

If you limit the speed with the duty cycle it will have better results.

What do I make these settings?

I’m confused what you mean

Battery cells is 12 for a 12S battery

Pole pairs is 7 for most esk8 motors. If you count the magnets inside the motor can and divide by 2, it’s probably 7. This information is needed to calculate ground speed.

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So change that back to 100000 and -100000 and keep it at 80%?

There is a button next to it, to restore the ESC manufacturer’s recommended defaults. I’d do that.

So just wondering what bad can happen if you set it to 80000 vs 100000?

Probably not much but I didn’t do the math.

There isn’t really a reason to limit that on a wheeled esk8 setup. It’s likely going to do nothing, or do more harm than good.

If you were making an airplane with propellers, I might say something else.

To limit top speed adjust the duty cycle limit not the erpm limit. The latter option as previously mentioned will disable your brakes.

I’ve personally crashed because I accidentally rolled down a hill and exceeded the speed I had in that box, and lost brakes. And I knew about that phenomenon. And I still did it by mistake.


Also if you never want to go above 30mph but your no load speed is 46mph, you should adjust your gear ratio to 30mph… this will cause the system to run much cooler and you’ll waste a lot less energy as heat.


so i was told they have had issues with the foc box cutting out when you set it at 100000. your saying putting it at 80000 will cause the brakes not to work?

If you adjust the erpm limit lower than the default, you’re basically just programming your system to shut down whenever you reach that speed which is a poor choice for safety since you’ll lose brakes.