Need help with my first build!

I’m planning my first build and I need a little help from you guys. My budget is $1500-$2000. I know that I want something powerful with good amount of torque. Still can’t decide if I want evo deck or trampa. flex or no flex. What I know is that I want motors a little bigger than 6374’s I was thinking 6880 maybe, or something with noticeable power gain over 6374’s. 12s-13s battery (with minimum 20 miles range), Gear drive (if somehow I be able to afford in that price range) Now question to you experienced builders out there: If you had to build a board for yourself in that price range witch parts would you use? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx


I think if you double your budget or halve your expectations you might have half a chance!


if you want speed, flex boards are not ideal since they bounce. I personally would do direct drive since i hate dealing with mechanical parts. i’d say prepare to spend more than your budget if you don’t have all the right tools. like making li ion battery pack or making enclosure yourself.
if i have the money: 12s4p with 15-20 mile range, speed 25-30 mph not too crazy. torqueboards new direct drive with 6inch tires, drop down deck from skateshred, custom enclosure, unity or waiting for torqueboards dual vesc, llt power smart bms with high discharge.

What? I don’t understand this.

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The best thing to do is look at build threads. These will give you a shopping list to work from.

Off the top of my head…

Kaly 2.0 deck
E-Toxx or Kaly gear drive
Maytech 6474 190/200kv motors
12s6p or better 30q or 12s4p 30t battery pack
x2 Maytech 200a VESCs
Hoyt Puck remote

Edit: if you don’t want flex or Gear Drive, build an Evo belt drive, they are awesome. I can say that because I have one. 6369 Maytech 200kv motors on 6in pnuematics with 18/60 gears is epic.


Budget maxed already


Naw, that’s like 1400 bucks max.

An E-Toxx straight gear drive was around 500 last I checked, Kaly 2.0 deck 300 ish, 240 for motors.

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Its hard for me to do the aus to us conversion in my brain. Plus shipping to aus costs heaaaappps so I’m definitely exaggerating.


o from what i read or heard, flexible deck is not the best if you want to go fast. could be wrong tho.

love this list. @Sirbazyl may also want to check out the Avx herringbone gear drives.

appears to be working well for @KfromtheBay Kenny on his recent speed runs


One thing is lay out clearly what you are buying and what you wnat before buying anything

Also if your clever certain parts you can look for used as that can save massive amounts for nearly no quality difference

Such as the deck and enclosure or wheels

Also always add on an extra $100 for random bits like belts hardware wires And solder


I think most people, when asking for advice, want user experience.

There’s is nothing inherently wrong with flexible decks at speed. Some decks are better than others of course, this is true with stiff or flexible decks.


I mean I did said flexible decks are not ideal and leaving it up in the air for him to do his research. :man_shrugging:

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But that statement is wrong. I have 2 very flexible decks that do 35/42 respectively and better than the majority of stuff decks.

Regardless by making the statement and “leaving it up in the air” you didn’t actually tell the guy anything but biased him against flexible decks with zero demonstrable proof.


you literally going after my opinion with your opinion Dr…because if you can cite your sources here in this thread right now, you win this argument. I’ll wait.

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42 mph


Both my boards and I’ve built a few dozen. Lastly, I’m speaking from experience and not just what I heard. So, yeah, there’s that.



@Gee I guarantee you Mike knows what he’s talking about. I’ll cite my sources: his profile on both builders and here. You can look at his plethora of top-quality builds and then maybe realize that he’s got some experience.


I appreciate it, it’s all good. I’m just trying to explain that personal experience, not what people have read, is what counts and has value. Aperantly I didn’t do such a great job.

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Quick someone tell Moe he needs to get rid of his aluminum chassis and switch to bamboo flex for his race boards.

JK but you linked 2 boards with very wide platforms, which means the flex is constrained to vertical compliance, with much less torsional flex (wobble inducing). Cut the rails off both those boards and tell us how stable they still are.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with flex boards, but if the front and rear hanger can twist independently due to torsional flex, then speed wobbles is much more likely and stability goes down significantly. Especially if not channel trucks, the deck angle has an effect to stiffen the deck in one direction.


Gotta say I value Mike’s opinon more lol who are you like we all know who Mike is

Back to the point of the thread, I gotta go with what @glyphiks said, double the budget or half the price. Gear drives are cool and all but damn are they expensive, you might eat through a third of your budget with just that - chain drives are proven and strong, for much less money, you might be able to get that into your budget better and still be able to get the rest of your talking points - range, deck, etc.

Just curious, have you gotten around to trying a mountainboard yet? Do you know what the decks feel like?

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