'Need 4 Speed (& traction)' Track specific board build thread. And ERL updates now :)

Edit: the current setup :slight_smile:

Never would I have imagined a few years ago, when I started my DIY esk8 journey, I’d end up building a race track specific board. But here I am!

I’ve got a thirst for racing these things and want to get faster on the track. So far I’ve only done four race events and a single indoor kart track training session but I’m well and truly hooked. The ERL run in Perth is getting bigger and better and will offer a bigger schedule this year. https://www.electricracingleague.com.au/

I know I’ve got a lot to learn and plenty of room to improve my technique but I want a board that will give me the best chance to hone my skills and optimise performance.

Enter Stooge Race Boards. I can’t wait to get these SRB 3 link trucks and 150mm rubber wheels on the track! SRB TRACK PACK HD – stooge raceboards

Will be powering this setup with a custom 16s5p p42a battery (built by @glyphiks) and 6385 173kv Reachers from fullsendelectric. https://www.fullsendelectric.net/

@Jaws has supplied me with my deck and enclosure and custom griptape from Raijinracing.com
https://raijinracing.com/ (pics to come)

My first hurdle was realising the new motors had the wrong mounting pattern:

Thankfully, @Tony_Stark has created some adaptors to enable use of Reacher motors with the narrow mounting pattern on some mounts.

I needed to increase the width between the motor mounts but luckily there was a little room to play with. I just needed to add a few washers to the crossbar brace. I should have about 3mm bewteen motors now when i add the adaptors.




To be continued a bit more…


oooo boiiii this is gonna be a fun one. Fuckin fullsend battery looks gorgeous


Man just barely squeezed it in there, nice!


It’s a work of art isn’t it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s what she said (in my dreams). But yeah, tight fit. I had a nervous breakdown at first when i realized the hole pattern was wrong.


Coming your way sir


Oh baby :fire::fire::fire::fire:

So close i can taste it


Nice… Will you be aiming this build for the short track? Like indoor kart tracks?
what’s the wheelbase on your deck?

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Love the stripe pattern on this deck


It will be mostly for short track but have a slightly longer go-kart bitumen track on the schedule for ERL later in the year.

Not 100% sure of wheelbase but when it arrives will let you know.


It’s a 41 inch micro drop so wheel base is pretty short, intended to keep feet over the trucks as much as possible and using the tub to lock the feet laterally for a binding-like feel and not moving around much. Intended for short track with quick transitions


I noticed the Stooge Raceboard deck is really flat. Is that because using a front binding means you don’t need concave? On the other side of the spectrum you have decks that have pretty extreme concave like Psychotiller decks. Thoughts?

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Cheers @Jaws.

@fujio001 I’m not completely sure but have a few ideas. If using bindings then the shape of deck becomes less important as the binding helps with lean of deck. You can pull up with your toes on heel side turns and lean over a lot more on toe side turns.

Havings a concave makes it is easier to create lean of the deck as u can push on the edges more with you toes and heels.

I’ve not ridden the Raijin deck yet but like the fact it has a small but steep drop to hold my feet in position. I am considering using a Tomiboi ratcheting foot hook for the front but I’ll see how it goes.

As for the Stooge deck. It has the brace for the rear foot for hard acceleration. It has the metal frame to keep it super stiff and responsive I believe.

I am still learning so if i got any of that wrong, i apologise in advance haha


Yeah bindings eliminate alot of the need for deck curves. It is a matter of preference, in terms of what things people want to sacrifice. Alot of deck curve wears on your foot joints and fatigues them, while MTB bindings move around a lot (sacrificing response) and inhibit your ability to crash safely. I like the idea of just enough curve to do its job and using something like the tomiboi hook on the front.


One of the reasons I am thinking about flatter decks is it could be easier to make a flat deck and also easier to mount an enclosure.

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Extending sensor wires is the worst!!

Always nervous plugging in for first charge after wiring everyrhing :sweat_smile:.

Now to get her on the track after some fine tuning of 3 links.


Looks good. Go and show us all hell!


I’m going to try! Dying to get out and test this thing. Bit of rain about at the moment but won’t be long now :crossed_fingers:

Let me know If you want some If my observations setting up the 3-links for short Tracks. But most important is to get your own experience

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