Name coming later : Evolve bamboo GTX deck | dual Flipsky 6354 | TB218 | 12s4p p42a |

It will be my first DIY board, so please be gentle! :smiley:


I was trying to cheap out, than realised it wont happen.
So the “original” idea was to make a 2 in 1 board with enough power for me.(I am over 100kg)
In my city the roads are like swiss cheese, so when I talk about the street mode please understand that those wheels are at least 100mm.


Deck: It will be a bamboo deck for evolve GTX. I like the shape and drop through design. The difference is the enclosure. I wont use the long merged cover, but I will make the board front heavy, by separating the batteries and the controller enclosure.

Battery: I went with the best : @tinp123 's services 12s4p with molicel p42a - it I count it right it will be 16Ah at ~50V.

Drive Train: I dont realy like dual kingpin trucks, so I was a bit lost. But thanks to @Halbj613 I got TB218s and Flipsky 6354. I hope this will be enough :smiley:

Wheels: This is where I am a bit lost. I want two set of them. One around 6-8" and one 100-120mm. (I know: Dont use two different unit of measurement, but I dont know imperial. And we usually use pneumatics and big wheels that way.) So for the bigger I tought esk8supply direct drive 6" airless wheels. And for the smaller I am thinking in Clodwheel discovery 120mm or Onsra 105mm airless.

ESC: Dunno. There is a Flipsky Dual 4.20 (not Pro) incoming, but I heard after I ordered that they dont play nice with 12s batteries.

I am open to suggestions.

Updates will come here:


Nice stuff

The battery can deliver a ton of amps and you will never get the full feel with a 4.2

I can recommend @torqueboards is planning on releasing a vesc soon and also his tb110 are amazing wheels for the 100-120mm ones

There are a couple other vescs but flipsky aren’t recommended

For 6 inch wheels you can either get for very cheap aliexpress wheels (40euro) and they are actually really good and can get a 3d printed pulleys for them

Cloadwheels have some issues and are generally recommended to stay away from


Wheels go Torque Board and for tires go 6x2s. Those are your best and most “adorable” options.

For Vesc. Look for a used focbox or a trampa if you want spend a lot :slight_smile:

Your running single motor ?


The battery is not only for the high power, it is for the high capacity too. I dont know how we calculate Wh (nominal or max voltage), but It will be between 700-800Wh.

I am really trying to buy things from europe, because Hungary has 27% import tax.

For the bigger wheels I know about the aliexpress ones, but I heard great things from airless tires.
As for cloudwheels, I read that for the discovery they fixed the ver1’s problems.

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Nope, dual belt setup. As for the gear ratio it depends on the chosen wheels.

I dont really want to spend too much :smiley:
Focbox and Trampa VECSs are around 300$ plus shipping. I am trying to solve it in ~ 200$.

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Good luck my dude. Try to find two used Focboxes

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Thanks! I will do that. :slight_smile: