My Esk8s. A journal of sorts

Okay, I’m sold. Thanks for the feedback guys. Just what I needed to hear.


What on earth is that? Suspension on a OW?

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Crazy folks out there.

I did take it down a curb a few times, and he also had low psi, but felt pretty cushy


I love how many peeps you’ve connected with over the last year. Initially it seemed like you were the only one in your town. Really shows how much this hobby has grown.


Yeah dude.
It has really taken off this past year.

It’s still kinda sparse for esk8.

Benji still rides his Zeus, but he moved a bit further away, so we are not riding like we used too.

The two Onewheel dudes I met s while back were pretty committed.

Unfortunately one of them destroyed their knee on a 28 mph nosedive, on his Vesc, so he has been out of commission.

Drew with the new Vesc, and I do get together to ride a good bit.
And we are the same age, and can actually hang out which is nice.

The EUC kids are very active.
They ride a ton, and are always up for group rides.

We actually hooked up yesterday to explore some new trails, and after a really shitty one we had to turn around, we found a really good one and had a great ride.

I roll through campus all the time because it’s in my way to really go anywhere, and more and more I see kids on esk8s and Onewheels, but I don’t always chase them down anymore… if they have a helmet on I might…


Lookie here!!!

The last piece of the puzzle has arrived.

Now I can get busy on the Gravel Boi.


I took the boys for a playground hit today.

Packed the trailer up!!!

And at some point I decided to get frisky on the Pint…

Which is a bad idea if you don’t have the commitment to follow through.


Diy takes you down many, many detours.

For the most part I know this, and deal with it pretty well(wheels with stuck pulleys excluded)

So tonight I tinkered a little bit, and got the NewBee drive off, and the motors Free.

This was uneventful.

But it hard to express how pissed off I was, when I realized my motor cables are not long enough.

–DIY is a disease…

So here I am pulling this panel yet again and taking tape off the wires.

And you better believe it. I had to get into the top box too.

I was planning to happily move on to putting my new drive together.

Yet here I am, with the board almost totally taken apart.


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This reminded me of your trailer

Edit: instagram link seems to be broken…


I have seen it. It’s epic and inspiring!!!

I have gotten some footage from inside the trailer I need to find.

So while falling yesterday I kicked the metal sign pretty hard…

Hard enough I wanted to come to urgent care and get X-rays for my big toe…

Luckily nothing is broken.

Let’s see when I can get back to riding again.

This was at the cabin on the lake. Going down the relatively bumpy hill.


Joel @MBS .
The customer service folks here in the US came through with replacement hubs for my clicking bearing seat.

And they were great to communicate with!!!
So Kudos, and thanks!!!


Just went back through a couple hundred posts, thanks for sharing :heart:

It’s very sweet seeing you indoctrinate the kids into the skate life


They don’t have much of a choice.

I suppose I don’t have much of a choice either… lol.

I really do dream of a day when all of us will roll up the street, each of us on their own little murder board!!!



So it’s as nice outside as it could be.

I have ridden the Onewheels a bit today.
And Gravel Fluxed to and from school.

But my foot is still too jacked up to be able to ride for real.

So we shall tinker!!!

Getting back to the Gravel Boi.

I placed the motors sort of in place to see how I am doing on cable length.

And it’s sketchy…
I have to get the wheels on, to see exactly where the motors will end up.

If you don’t want to redo motor cable sheathing, I think the smooth Tesa tape is a decent alternative to have it looking okay-ish.

So on to assembling the back wheels, which turns out, bearings aside, everything is new.

It’s funny how getting parts just to keep boards running gets so out of hand.

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I’m using the old NewBee hub adapters as spacers for the chain sprockets.

I’m doing the lazy man’s wheels balancing job…

So now I am about to cross another possible hurdle.

Will I have the lengtht bolts to move ahead???


Should have called it.

I found 7…
Will need to cut 3 longer bolts!!!

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This here is a real struggle…

The messy bench.

It’s so much more pleasant and fulfilling to tinker when the space you are doing it in is not a total cluster fuck.

Yet, here we are. At the intersection of too much crap, and shit everywhere…

I end up here most of the time.

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Let’s go on.