My Esk8s. A journal of sorts

Dude. I’m stealing this by the way…


I wish the 4GS had a gear ratio in between 3.4 and 5. Im having issues with the BN drives before i can use them but im sure BN will send me a new motor gear to fix it. Im using 175mm tires for now and a 5:1 rqtio might be too high and 3.4 would probably make acceleration too slow im guessing.

I have the same Tomiboi deck on the way also


So it was 30…
With a feel like of 22.

Which is well below my usual temperature threshold.

But I could not help myself and went out and did 6 miles on the Gravel Boi.

I even broke out the TSG pass to help with the cold. Cramped…

I think this set up will be a keeper.

The turning behavior seemed quite a bit different from both the Fluxes and the Khymera.

Makes me ponder trying the inner mounting holes.
Or more likely flipping the baseplates around.

I also have a set of Radium adapters coming for the Khymera but I might slap them on here first.

The tires felt good…and the drivetrain ran well.

This is definitely geared for torque And not top speed and that seemed good.
I might be able to go to the BN straight 3.8 gears and still have it be decent torque.

Sometimes I go out on boards and everything feels right.

But it kinda seems that more often than not as I am riding I am pondering different stuff to do.
In the case of the Gravel Boi it was little stuff.
So that is a good sign.


These belong on a demonseed :smiling_imp:


I also have an Extra Llama in the Basement…


For the non-USAmericans,

it was -1…
With a feel like of -6.


I’m very curious to hear more about this, once you get a bunch more kilometers on the setup.


For the non non-Americans


272.15K, but felt like 267.15K, for the physicists in the room


As long as it’s clear it was butt ass cold.

The next several days are looking really good.


The setup looks gooood

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It’s getting to be pretty nice today.
I want to take out all the boards with tires to do some comparing.

First I am changing the Flux from 16/72 to 16/68 with the EBS pulleys.
To slightly bump up speed with the 7s.


My pulley changing plans almost got derailed…

Because low and behold, I did not have the right length belts… Blows my mind.

But the IdeaTB mounts allow the idlers to me moved and I was able to make it work out.

This is a fairly small change.
But I wanted to do it anyways.

One thing that was cool is that the height away from the hub is about the same between the EBS and LaCroix mounts.

I got the LaCroix pulleys used. And the dude that had them must have ridden hella gravel because of how chewed up they are…

I am going low on the PSI for the evolve 7s.
Gonna do about 20 in the back and 15 up front.


I did about 5 miles on the Flux.
And it’s all good.

Still a bit of vibration happening.
But really this board is amazing.

The only thing I might do is try different wheels.
Maybe get the new MBS wide hubs.

The power and the way it turns is all good.

Then I went to get on the Gravel Boi.
And only did about 1.5 miles…

Definitely felt weird to turn

I brought it back to change the wheel base.

It’s quite a bit longer than the Flux on the outer holes.

That has to have a big impact on how it turns.
I do have different bushings on… But it was really different.

So onto the inner holes of the Tomiboi.

Much to my surprise. This is still a longer wheel base than the Flux.
Just barely now… But still.

So I am about to go try that out.


So I did ride all the 4 boards with tires and stacked up 40 miles yesterday.

I went back out on the Gravel Boi and the inner holes is definitely where it’s at for me.

It made it way more familiar and the turning was pretty good.
I bet it will be a bit better with the Riptide Bushings…

The power delivery is really good. The BN drives were running smoothly. The were turning well.

I did 9.7 miles on it

Next up was the Khymera.
It’s on Evolve 7s like the Flux… And on MBS bushings like the Gravel Boi…

But it runs awesome.
The acceleration and speed are really smooth.
The wheels feel really smooth.
If I keep the ride under 10 miles this board is pretty much perfect.
The turning is a different vibe than the Flux because of the wings. My feet are more in the center of the deck. They are pretty different to turn really…
But I am feeling good on both.
I think the split angles help.
I do expect the Khymera will be Even better with the riptide bushings.
I think I’ll put the 3rd set that will be here soon on the Gravel Boi first though… And when I get Matrix III for it I will take the Riptides over to the Khymera.

I did 9 glorious miles on the Khymera.

And to finish it off I did 12.5 miles on the Gravel Flux.

And it’s perfect.

The 9 inch MBS tires are broken in and turning super well.
The Riptide Bushings make it loose and fun, but it has not tried to kill me yet.
And it’s still 30/30 because the hitch adapter is the riser …

It’s freaking crazy how quiet and smooth the Newbee 4gs drives are running.

It is super smooth and fun to carve on the road.

But it can also crush some trails. I hit this new little trail connector that is extra rough with rocks and the Gravel Flux just killed it.

Being able to roll off most curbs is really sweet too…

It is cool to be able to say there is nothing I need to mess with on the Gravel Flux.
Just get out and enjoy it.


Today it got to 55 degrees and I got a decent bit of action.

Stacked 30 miles.

GT warm up in the morning.
Gravel Flux for school pick up and to the UPS store.

Even rode the Rayne Crush a bit in front of the house for Happy Hour. Still such a cool set up…

And finished it off with 16 miles on the Flux.


I got 37 miles in today.

13 miler on the Llama at lunch time.

Right after that I did 7 miles on the Khymera to go get half and half.

After work I did 12 miles on the Flux.

And finally 5 miles on the GT in front of the house for Happy Hour.


Thanksgiving day it rained a little bit.
But it wasn’t too bad out.

I took the boys out for a ride to mellow them out and ended up doing 10 miles.
The Gravel Flux is Crushing it as far as towing goes.
Great control with the NewBee 4GS gears.

After I got back the roads were still a bit wet so I wanted to take the Gravel Boi out. And I wanted to try it with the Riptide Bushings.

And they felt pretty good.
I only got a couple miles out because the BN drives had a new weird noise going on… So I had to turn around.

So I went back home and jumped on the GT that also does fine on wet roads.

I opened up the BN gears later and it’s not totally clear what the issue was. Maybe the keyway had gotten loose again and just started rubbing. But there were no metal shavings or anything.

Either way. I am over messing with them.
The few rides I had on the Gravel Boi they rolled and felt great. But I can’t seem to keep them together.

So I ordered a set of NewBee 4GS gears to go on here…

This board is a great example of how good I am at “trying to not buy parts”…

But I think it’s going to be killer soon.


The day after Thanksgiving is always nice and mellow.

It sure is a plus if I get to ride.

I made a small change to the Flux.

Now that I am running 7s and running 16/68 I thought I may be able to run the belt without the idlers.

I have used the idlers on the IdeaTB mounts on the Flux this whole time with no issues. Ran well with 14/72.
Had some issues with 15/72…weird right
And ran well with 16/72 and 16/68

But hey. idlers are extra parts. I have weird vibrations on the Flux.
I’d thought I’d take them out of the equation.

I went and did a 6 mile Sunset ride and the board felt good.
No issues with skipping.

Maybe it was a bit smoother… Not sure.

So I think I will keep it that way for now.
Still want to give the Hubbas another try or just slap the new MBS wheels on here…

Later that night we went out to play adults.
Beverages happened.
And I tooled around on a bird…

Hooray to not getting hurt!!!


Today was a bonus day.

It was supposed to rain, but ended up being sunny and 55 and I got a bunch of riding in.

First I went out on the Gravel Flux.

And a couple miles into my ride I run into a couple Onewheeling on the trail and we stopped to talk.

And the dude is on a freaking Vesc build on a Pint frame with a 20s battery he built!!!

I got to jump on his board and it’s super good.

He freaking goes 25 on that thing. We went and rode around a little bit and he actually came over and tried the GT.

He said he was on the latest beta that surfdado is running and it felt super good and familiar to me…

Minus never hitting pushback on a Pint…

So anyways…

Need to build a Onewheel mabbober soon.

After that I tooled around in front of the house and rode a bunch of boards for short bursts around the neighborhood.

The Rayne Crush is super good.

The Rally Cat is super good too…
Holy Akashas batman!!! They transformed this set up into something so good.

And finally I ripped around on the Dinghy which is a real delight.

Digging the real skateboard vibes.

I love riding these electric skateboards!