My Esk8s. A journal of sorts


Went out riding with one of the EUC kids tonight.

I got really frisky with a bunch of stairs around campus.

Such a cool thing to do.

Really got my heart going a bunch of times.


I really, really love my kids.

But you really can’t put a price on a kid free weekend!!!

And I packed the car full of electric toys and ran off with my wife to the Lake of the Ozarks…

Pretty sweet spot a neighbor owns…

These are such a classic Missouri sighting…

I love Onewheels for things like riding on the deck.


This morning I set off to explore on the Flux.

I didn’t go far…
Just rolled around the little roads near where we are staying.

It was a real trip.

Most of my rides are around my town on routes i do all the time.

So riding uncharted territory is an added excitement.

And we have some weird territory here…

Some regular roads.

Some really rough gravel.

I bottomed out here… Should have brought the Gravel Flux.

Some nicer gravel in places.

And some really sweet Black tops at times.

It changed from block to block…

Had a nice hawk sighting.

I got lost a lot and ran into a bunch of dead ends and felt like I was in people’s driveways a few times.

Ended up riding 11 miles.

The Flux did great on the gravel and on the little side roads.

There were a few times I had to be on the main road and that was sketchy.

The Flux was not feeling great when I was trying to go a bit faster…
Maybe I was just nervous because it’s a sketchy road to ride on…
So I just wanted to get to a side road asap

But the 3 Links on the Llama have spoiled me and have me questioning my relationship with the Flux…

I would have been way more confident on the main road on the Llama.

Makes me want to get @Titoxd1000 Duality trucks on the Flux…

One of these days.


It was nice having the Onewheel around to stretch out on the deck and tool around a little bit.

It did not make it to far from home base…
But it was worth hauling for sure.


Sunday morning I rolled out on the Patton and did a very similar ride to what I had done on the Flux.

It was really fun.
It handled the different terrains well

Better on the deeper gravel than the Flux.
Scarier going down the big hills though…

It was a fun cruise.
Shorter than my ride on the Flux… But still really good.


And then at noon on Sunday I had the Grand finale of riding going to the E-Foil lessons.

So wild.


Here is 2 and a half minutes of me riding the E-Foil.

Including the standing up part.

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I have got some esk8 work lined up.

Little projects really.
But certainly enough to keep me busy.

And hopefully enough to keep me from wanting other stuff.

Got some fresh splattergoat for refresh the Fluxes.

And I am going to get going on these batteries.

12S1P for the Park board.

And a 12S5P for the black Llama that has a bad battery.


June has been mellow so far weather wise.

But the party is over…

Summer is definitely here.
The Garage door needs to stay closed.
Riding during the day is not really happening.

And gear is a real pain in the ass.

I need to get back in the groove of night rides.

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Baby steps were taken on the batteries yesterday…


Yesterday evening I had to run an errand and chose to take the Gravel Boi that is still on the Akashas.

This is really such a wild set up.

Only rode about 7 miles.
But it was fun.

I ride thane so very little these days…

There is so much more need to pay attention to the road compared to pneumatics…

But I do love the connection to the road.

I am going to go ahead and slap the MAD wheels back on here.

As amazing as the Akashas are the MAD will be a better fit here. While still enjoying the novelty of this set up.


I got out early this morning on the GT for a warm up.

No gear or even a helmet…

I thought I was just going to roll right in front on the house.

And then decided to wander over to the trail bridge.

Probably rode about 3 miles, and it was great to get out in nature before the heat.


Gonna do a bit of work on the Flux today

Fresh splattergoat.

Loctite on all the bearings.

Front trucks going back to orange bushings from white.

And adding spacers to the bolts for foot stops.


@SquishyCat I finally met Jaden in person last night :grinning:.


I got the Flux freshened up yesterday.

This deck was a blem from the very first batch.

The bolts and spacers I was going to use got stuck to the old grip tape and thrown in the trash.

So I legit spent 45 minutes looking for them.

It was a special case of disappearing parts…

I was about to drill out more spacer before I dug in the trash.

U used M4 spacers that match the 14mm diameter of the cone washers as foot stops.
I had to drill them out for the M5 bolts.

Fresh grip tape is nice.


It was after 10 last night and I was couch bound.

But then Benji messaged me and I got off my ass to enjoy an bit of ping pong and a lovely night ride.

The moon was banging.

We stopped for a drink which is nice to do these days when the town is quiet (college kids are gone)

I was definitely happy to get out of the house and ended up putting down 15 miles.


Dang it…

Forgot to talk about this.
It was a good one.
The night ride reminded me.

I had talked about how I only converted Benji to esk8, and am trying to get my buddy Karl into it.

About 3 weeks ago Karl came over and we headed out on a night ride to meet up with Benji.

I took the Llama Links and Karl was on the Demonseed.

It’s kinda of a big deal for me still riding with two other people on esk8.
Still a rare occurrence.

And we are having an awesome time and dipped into the Gravel trails.

About a mile in I heard a funny noise and thought I had derailed my chain…

I think ISO 06B may be too big to derail…
What actually happened is I ripped the motor shaft clean off.

This was a first for me.
And it never ceases to amaze me the ways I find to break shit.

Chris, @Yeahthatperson have you broken a motor shaft?


I was able to move the chain to the side and ride probably 3 miles home on a single drive.


I wonder if I will be able to get this motor back running.

@Skyart was able to find a can he is sending to me so wish me luck.

I wonder what made the shaft break.

Few possible issues.
The sprocket was really far out on the shaft to make these motors and mounts and chain work.

The chains were looser than they should be.

I really wonder if a stick got in there.
Or a rock.
Or what.

But once again I shall thank the esk8 gods for a catastrophic, yet gentle failure that did not send me flying.


The little dude gets me so hyped.

He is so good on his electric bike.
That totally happened naturally and it’s awesome to see.

I keep trying to get him more into the Onewheel, but it’s hard.
He can do it. But won’t commit to going far on his own.
I think any second a switch could flip and he can be out there crushing it…

The EUC kid let me borrow his Inmotion V8 to see if the little dude can get that figured out.

It’s really too big for him. But the first couple attempts showed promise…

I am so bummed.
I almost bought @Heathlewis used MTEN4 for the little bro, which would have been perfect.
But I could not convince the wife in time.

I really, really, really want to get the little dude the smaller wheel because I think he will totally kill it on there.

I got him baby Leatts dual axis which are super adorable.

So it’s only natural that an EUC will follow…