My enertion nano-x controller has stopped working, what is a cheap replacement?

Maybe the power switch is broken, not sure, it turns on for a few seconds, and then turns off. Comes back on when I wiggle switch, and tried reflowing the solder but didn’t help. So my question is anything decent < $30 that I can get? Does a generic 2.4G controller work with the Nano-X receiver?

Mini remote or flipsky vx1 are cheap but generally considered safe. Unlike the nano x.


Ditch the nano x.
Follow the advice above.

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Thanks, Flysky VX1 remote is on sale at for $37, so maybe I will go that route.

Where are you based. You may find a reseller closer if you need it quicker than a month?


This guy is the mini remote. Was $14 when I bought it but has gone up a smidge. Reliable and cheap, used by many. Not the prettiest but it will control your skate.


I’m using the mini remote on my latest build and i’m happy with it so far. Taken it past all the spots that have given me grief with other remotes and it seems to be solid.

If you’re handy with a 3d printer and some basic mod work, you can turn it into a sweet little thumbwheel remote. This is what i’m running, i think it’s great!

ignore the wound, it wasn’t the remote’s fault