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My clearance sale uk cheap prices

So got to clear out some old stuff you pay shipping and don’t mind doing worldwide

It’s going for cheap and am happy if you want to make offers


Belts-all for £10 or £3 each all are barely used or new (sizes are 3x 400mm 1x385mm And 1x305mm all 15mm wide htd5m)

Abec clone wheels 2x with pulley and belt htd3m 90mm wheels £5

2x 3d printed abec wheel pulleys half the pulley needs the top half 38t (free with any order)

3x random longboard trucks £12 for all (2 sold £5 for the last)

2x ollin hangers £10 for both

Ollin wheel pulley 36t for ollin hangers £20 all metal pulley

4x baseplate (2x45 1x50 and 1x40 degrees) £10 for all or £5 each

2x random 83mm wheels £5 for both

2x hobbyking motor mounts £3 1 left

Trampa vesc 6 baseplate £5

Random esc remote works with meepo and hobbyking esc £5

Xt90 parallel battery connector free with any order (sold)

Flipsky vx1 perfect condition missing receiver £15 (sold)

Metr module (not pro) £20 (sold)

More stuff to be added

Feel free to make offers and will probably accept as I need the money


Interested in the metr module and the xt90 connector I’ll pm you in a bit.

for what trucks are the hobbyking mounts?

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not for long :wink:

The hobbyking mounts are for universal trucks however I would only recommend them for bench testing or if you use some epoxy or jbweld to hold them in place

Did you ever find the deck?

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I can look again think I have found it if you still want

Bump bump

Tell me if you want anything offers accepted


Trades and offers will be accepted

Interested in some stuff, pmed you.


@BillGordon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, brother.

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Missed it what had he written?

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He listed his own parts for sale because he couldn’t make his own sales thread. Messaged him and all sorted.
Louis has your back!


literally. just made him a loopkey harness for free :cold_sweat:
will ship it tomorrow @Halbj613


Yeah thanks so much he really is an awesome guy

As much as everyone banters with each other on the forum there really is tons of good stuff going on to


That’s my favourite part. People being awesome to each other.


Bump bump bump

Trades and offers will be accepted

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what pivot cups are in there? hard to see condition, got a better pic?

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Yeah here

Here is 3 of them the last is currently on a hanger so if you buy will take it off