My Caliber II’s are messed up so I’m looking for something else that can work with my caliber motor mount.

For the adjustable?

I’m saying you could save money and get the split angle plates, or save even more money and add wedge risers to stock plates.

The way they have the kingpin screw in isn’t fully center on the calibers, so I would have to go with the split angle ones, which I would have to wait a few months for

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Mate did you read lol you can’t buy them right now, hence why I brought up adjustable in the first place

Well if I were you that would be my plan. Unless you have backup trucks.

For one thing, have you tried contacting caliber to see if they’ll RMA the trucks or send a replacement baseplate? Also, you could just use PARIS 43° V2 BASEPLATE - Raw | Paris Truck Co couldn’t you?


Chill out m8 I brought up adjustable because they’re good. Kevin is great for shipping out preorders quickly. Chill m8. Go smoke a doob on this joyous day.

I brought them up first lol that’s why I said did you read

And no, I will not be doing that but have fun lmao


Yep. I emailed them with photos, haven’t gotten a reply yet. I’m not sure if Paris baseplate can fit on a caliber hangar

It’s also bicycle day if you swing that way. I definitely brought them up though m8e.

Don’t have backup trucks unfortunately, I had these in storage for a few years, should’ve checked this issue sooner so I could’ve returned them

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AFAIK hangers and baseplates are mostly interchangeable as long as it’s all RPK. There may be some exceptions, but I’m pretty sure people on here have done that swap because the Paris baseplate is more cut down and helps prevent motor into baseplate problems.

Edit: Actually now that I think about it more the height from cup to kingpin could definitely mess things up, but I think people do this swap.

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You are wrong but okay

I rode to work today on my board, so that was fun

If you scroll up you will see

Not at all, there can be kingpin offset, kingpin length and angle differences. Kingpins can also either be mounted from the inside or the outside. Trucks can vary greatly between manufacturers.

Of all days today is really a day you should relax man. Don’t be so mad at the little things.

Yea I was just looking at a pair of Paris trucks I got on my old school. Definitely is different from the calibers so in that case, there’ll be more work of trying to get them to fit then buying a whole new truck lol. Idk what I can do at this point, I’m debating on getting a whole new pair of calibers and risking it being the same shit or just wait on the boardnamics split angle baseplate

Alright man think whatever you want lol I’m done with this stupid argument

I have two pairs of adjustable but haven’t used em yet. However, I’ve also run several boards with stock caliber baseplates and boardnamics hangers

I only got the adjustables for my choochoo and for my omakase since they need more height / the options

How you like the adjustables?

Edit: just read that you haven’t used them yet. My bad lol

Not gonna lie they’re sitting in their respective parts piles of the boards waiting to be built. They feel very high quality though.

Might have to ask for you to put one together and take it for a spin lol. If it’s better then a regular baseplate and improves the truck’s performance. Might have to drop some mullah