My Caliber II’s are messed up so I’m looking for something else that can work with my caliber motor mount.

Well. My thoughts of completing my first build smoothly came to halt, thanks reality :slightly_smiling_face: let me say that I had these trucks in storage, never used them till now. Today I was marking the holes on my diy deck, till I noticed that both of them were lopsided. Due to this I took them apart and noticed the kingpin bolt was slightly bent. I don’t plan on getting another pair of caliber II’s since I did read up some reviews from other people that have the same problem, guess it’s due to the casting when their made. Just wondering if there’s any kind of trucks that have the caliber style and can work with my motor mount. Any recommendations will be appreciated :+1:t3:

Pictures down below:

Check out @Boardnamics shop.


@Boardnamics is ya boi, your lord and saviour, your prophet.


I have a pair of black Boardnamics baseplates, they will work with the Caliber II hangers directly

You think I should just get a base plate since the hangar part is good or should I just get a hangar and baseplate all together

Hm. Unfortunately Boardnamics is out of fixed baseplates. So this may be a difficult situation

In the grand scheme of things, the lopsidedness won’t prevent them from working until you can swap out the baseplates. I would not go into higher speeds with the centering off though.

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What about these?

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Yeah I’m pretty sure they’re out of stock.

ya it says available on backorder, AKA, not in stock

Split angle is great, if he’s got 'em you should get 'em and try 'em

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Just added, I kinda don’t want to risk eating concrete cuz I did take off the motor mount and just did a motor free ride and definitely doesn’t feel right. Might as well play the waiting game

Hopefully it doesn’t take to long for them to be in stock. The hangars themselves look good it’s just the baseplate part

Couple months unfortunately from what he told me. I don’t know what to do either lol fortunately I don’t need to buy any. If you can afford it the adjustables are cool too but they are taller than normal baseplates

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I was just watching some videos on it and they look like their amazing quality trucks, baseplate as well. The hangar on my calibers doesn’t looked fucked up so if I can just attach those to the hangars, should be good, might even go a little extra and match the paint color

If you wanna play around with angles and don’t mind a little extra height try the adjustable versions. I’ve been using them for just over 2 years and I’ve already gone through like 6 angle changes.

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Sucks I’m in this situation lmao. I just had to make a new deck because my original wasn’t pressed right. My budget is kind of tight also since the adjustable ones are 100$, might have to wait or see if there’s another way :man_facepalming:

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Only thing I can think of is getting another pair of normal calibers and hoping they aren’t messed up lol

Or maybe torqueboards but I don’t think they sell their baseplates separately

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That would help with the motor being raised a bit but my budget is tight at the moment and two pairs is 100$ lmao


That’s what I’m debating on doing but same time if I get the same thing then I’m stuck till a few months has passed which would suck, my first builds about done and I would have to wait on the baseplates or I earn more money at my job to get the adjustable, they are cool cuz you can adjust the angle for better stability, I know later in the future the calibers won’t be able to hold another motor since I’m planning to make it a dual, but I can always get the wider trucks later on I guess, hard choices come at the wrong moment lol


You don’t need adjustable a for this, just the right angle. 50/20 is a popular one for good stability, decent turning and high speeds.

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