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Mountainboarding Questions (Safety Gear, Riding Techniques, etc.)

Hey Dear Members.

I wanted to ask some questions to those who own and ride a Mountainboard for some time now.

  1. What kind of safety gear do you wear (what is the absolute minimum) ? :man_astronaut:
  2. How do you ride - any tips - is it much different than normal longboarding (do you only use the top binding or also the heel latch as well) ? :snowboarder:
  3. Lessons learned ? :man_student:

I want to prepare my first test ride this weekend and I am not sure if I will have to gear up.
I have a normal helmet - and the “facemask”.
I have ellbow protectors and I will wear a thick jeans and a hoody.
I have gloves - but soft ones no hard shell protection.

I would be very appreciative of any advice.
On one hand I don’t want to buy stuff blindly so I need to know what experiences riders will recommend as a bare minimum.

Thanks and have a nice day


don’t do the absolute minimum, do the most you can.


Exactly right - But I need to know if the most I can is enough in terms of money and time investment or if I have to postpone my first ride experience because due to not meeting the minimum requirements of things that people recommend here.

I could imagine a complete Downhill Biking Protector Set would be the best…

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Search for Dainese Hard Short E1. Saves your butt. And go for knee pads.


all I can…

The body armor saved my sholders not only once. definitly a have to in my opinion.

I drive without heel straps on the road with cars, as soon as I go offraod I use the heel straps as well.

Drive fast only where you know what is coming in front of you. unpredicted holes are no good :joy:
Also, to drive into lose sand with 30km/h is a very bad idea…


Yesterday I catched TSG Force III for only 67€. UVP 99,99€.

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I don’t see anything on their site about wrist guards. Am I blind?

How about this ?


I have that Alpinestars jacket, really makes you feel protected and its not too hot. I wear it all the time in forests - trees hurt way more than you’d expect :slight_smile:

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Looks good to me.
can´t say anything about the helmet thou.

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They have a plastic protection you can add or remove


Anyone have some input on the binding question ?

Do you ride it only closed on top so you can slip out or you also have a heel strap and are completely tied in ?

What are the pro’s and con’s ?


@taz or @Andy87 once told: you strap yourself and you fall, that’s emtb :wink: so expect that


Also consider getting ankle braces

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you locked way better in the bindings with heelstraps. if you drive in snow it´s super slippery on the deck without heel straps as well. offroad always with heels straps is my opinion as min.


So you say it’s always better to be “stuck” on the board in most situations rather than be able to slip out ?
I was thinking about a situation where you fall and might want to slip out quickly

Will get a used Troy Lee D3 today as my helmet


As well as Fox Titan Pro Kneeguards


And some Elbow Pads and gloves will be my Setup for my First Test ride - I will drive carefully of course.

Later on I will get a FOX Protectorjacket and some Wristguards as well.

The Hard Shorts look cool and might be a good idea as well but I have no Idea how they feel ?


puh… no, I mean yes…no :joy:
It pretty much hurt to fall with my 25+kg quad fully straped on.
There always different situations.
I think heel straps on regular roads are too much. Especially if cars can hit you, normal bindings can already be too much.
if i´m offroad, for me personally the risk is higher that i slip out the bindings in a moment i don´t want this to happen than to crash.
ok, to be honest, i crash often… so maybe it´s more 50/50… but i have as min more control offroad with heelstraps on.


I’ll get the hard shorts this week and let you know, how it feels. But you should find out yourself, how it feels. (Steißbein auch geschützt)

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I also have these but I admit I wear these least of all my prot