Mountainboard Build | E-Toxx Helical Direct Drive | 6374 BioBoards | VESC6

Hey dear Members.

Since I made the transition from the Builders Forum I will now start a new Thread with my current build and with the newest update.

Some of the technical specifications:

  • Trampa Board
  • 2x Trampa VESC6
  • 12S4P Battery
  • BMS 12S 80A
  • E-Toxx Helical Direct Drive
  • 2x 6374 (150KV) BioBoards - Maytech Motors
  • Enclosure
  • Maytech Remote

Since the Unity Focbox didn’t arrive in time (still waiting for it) - I bought 2x Trampa VESC6’s because I think those are more reliable and they could ship fast.

Just finished the configuration


Everything looks good so far - the Dual Setup with CAN Bus was quite easy and convenient using the VESC Tool.

I choose to run the motors in FOC Mode with a switching frequency of 30khz (not sure what is the highest value that I can run the VESC6 with ?)…

I set the Battery Regen to -5A for each Vesc (totalling -10A) this should be well within the Range of my Battery Pack.

It’s the first time I have a dual setup - I activated Traction Control but won’t be able to take the first test ride before end of next week.

Will post more updates here as soon as there are any…


Super clean build! Really well done.

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With such a low regen current you will have almost zero high speed brakes.
Go with -20A per vesc, your battery will be fine since it will see these currents for a few seconds only.


Fair enough… I wanted to be on the safe side - But I guess if its not continuous it might be alright :slight_smile:

Thank you - I tried to get the color theme to fit and the overall design of the board as slim and compact as possible. Especially the battery pack is such a tight fit inside that case.

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@RyuX what box is that you are using for the vesc6?

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Hey @Bignrichie … well I was in Bangkok two weeks ago and bought it in a local shop. I had the datasheet for the VESC6 and just tried to get as close as possible and it’s a lucky perfect fit.

The Box only cost around 2 € when I bought it but I am afraid there is no way to order it online :frowning:

Now with the lights on… I got sick yesterday so my first testride will be postponed to end of the week.

Any suggestions for safety gear or first ride precautions when going offroad ?


Holy crap man. This build!!!
All these mb setups giving me some fomo. So many gravel trails in my city. So many grassy burms I could be hitting…
Inspiring brother. Look forward to seeing how she rides.


Hey man… thanks for the kind words. I live in the tyrolean alps so there are many trails to the mountaintop but to get there I will have to hit the normal road and I worry about the cops catching me… So I might end up transporting the board to the forest and starting from there… Let’s see :smiley:


It looks so clean. Don’t toss it into the mud!:crazy_face: btw. esk8 in Austria can be driven on the sidewalk with pedestrian speed, bc they are defined as toys in the autrian law.

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Well in theory yes - but if they smell something fishy (and my build looks fishy) they will put the board onto the “rolls” that measures the speed and the Wattage… Then they will take away the board and you will pay a very high fine :frowning:


We esk8er in Germany are actually cars by the law. That means ABE, driving license etc.

Nice… and I guess insurances etc. as well.

Well just don’t get caught… That’s why I use my Longboard only for the way to work or going on the Bicycle Paths and my mountainboard I will only use in the woods etc.

As soon as I get my metr pro bluetooth I will set up a profile that complies with the Austrian law though (activated on my phone via VESC Tool)


Was a great first ride that I had today.

I can only say the Trampa VESC6 is rock solid - I love the FOC Mode and how easily it will accelerate from a total standstill on a steep hill.

Had my fair share of problems with left turns but I might be getting the hang of it when riding more - all in all its a completely different feeling than riding my concave landyachtz superflexy longboard.

The binding makes all the difference because you got to realize wherever your board goes - you go :smiley:


Added my Trampa Handle today. So much more comfortable to carry my board now… convenience upgrade++


So guys… any recommendations for bearings that will withstand dirt etc. for 12mm Axles on my Trampa Board ?

I feel like the trampa bearings already are moving quite hard…
I have the Blue ATB Bearings 12mm


Just get cheap ones and change them out.
You can as well open this one up and clean them. Takes some time but you might salvage most of the bearings for some more km.


Pack them with some quality grease. Makes them last a lot longer.
Also, everyone knows red bearings are faster.


I will paint them red then… :open_mouth: