Motor suggestions

For starters i have an enertion board with enertion enclosure, 2 4.20 esc’s, and a 10s4p battery. I no longer am able to find sleeves for my hub motors and need suggestions on what motors to get. I currently go 30mph max and want to stay in that range. What motors would be best to go 30mph max (or more if possible. meant to be a dual drive system)

Are you looking for hub motors, direct drives, belt/gear/chain motors? And what size wheels? Stock Raptors are 90mm I believe and the AT ‘upgrade’ is 100mm I think

I would like hubs honestly but with the amount of bumps and cracks i should progo belt driven with decent sized wheels

Probably go*

Bumps and crack in tbe road

What’s size wheels do you want then? I’d guess 100mm to 120mm would be most appropriate

You could see if Hummie has any of his hubs ready

Or this great deal on wheels

For motors the Torqueboard ones are in stock, or check out any of the reacher variants. Probably stay around 190-205kv with 10s to have decent pulley options for 30mph.

For mounts check out Boardnamics

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100 is perfect but 120 would be perfect too lol

TB has 100 and 110mm, boosted or mad has the 105mm, cloud wheels have 105 and 120mm, onsra has 115mm, boa has 100mm

for motors, the 6355 from Flipsky 190KV have done me very well

only thing i recommend issss unpin the temp sensor cause they tend to go bad but apart from that i’ve run em for 1000 miles and they run just as new

Flipsky has a 6354 and torque boards have 6355. Which are you referring to

They are essentially the same, if you get the FS motors just try to go for the battle hardened line


6354, 6355, close enough

If you want to get larger motors (more amps, more torque, same top speed) I have 2 sets of 190 kv maytech 6374 and tb6380 190kv motors for sale.