Motor directions lost on power cycle FW 5.3 Unity

Dear fellow dangerous vehicle operators,

I updated my unity after not using it for a long time, now everytime the board cycles power I have to re run the motor directions setup. 1 motor needs to be inverted and the VESC always seems to forget. Anybody else experiencing this issue?

Changing around the phase wires is a last resort option, please don’t suggest it.


What happens if you just invert the direction in the settings… and then store it (without running any direction detection wizard i mean)

I have my unity on 5.3 with one motor inverted. No issue there for me.

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Reflash your firmware. Sounds like it’s corrupted.

I’ve had similar issues but not on every power cycle.

If issue persists, move back to 5.2


I call this “unity poo brain disorder”

I notice it only happens when I’m in a hurry or showing off my board to someone though :rofl:. The esc will fully forget it’s settings and go back to the beginning and I have to reprogram it.

For me, it will only happen once every other month or so. Seems like you have a severe case of UPBD.


Really, seems to be an issue since going to 5.3. never really had this problem before. Will try reverting and post back

I actually updated from unity 23.46 to vesc 5.2 FW just to be able to save configurations because of this issue. With 5.2 FW, I was at least able to immediately restore configuration by saving my configs instead of spending 10 minutes running detections and changing the few random other parameters.

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This was happening with my xenith, SPECIFICALLY when I ran my board to empty. Then one day it just stopped doing that. Haven’t got a freaking clue why.

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Personally, I felt like it had something to do with letting my board auto timeout. The first 2 times it forgot its existence, I’m fairly confident it auto timed out. The third time was a maybe. The 4th time I’m pretty sure it was turned off normally.

Still weird though.

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I don’t think I’ve ever once used the button to turn mine off, so that could be involved. For me, I had to rerun detection n whatnot after every charge. I assume based on that that it was an issue with draining my battery all the way down. Sounds like general gremlins.

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Cray, my recent one was my stormcore :joy: but I have a pre blood unity that it happened to. I don’t recall if my xenith has had it happen yet

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I let mine turn off automatically 95% of the time.

Though never had memory loss.

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No automatic turn off enabled, power button is bridged.
Xt90 is used to turn on off

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Well fuck :facepunch::wood:

Did a full reflash of the firmware. Problem is resolved.

Settings have not been lost anymore.

If it happens again I will update

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Motor directions lost ! Also some of the motor settings on the slave side seems to lose its vss settings.

Never had this in the past

use 5.2 and live in peace (hopefully)

Where can I find the file for unity
Also, pretty sad because vss did work great for me

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Get the vesc tool with 5.2 firmware

Flash it with that, then feel free to use the latest tool. Just don’t update the firmware with the latest tool unless you want 5.3 again.


+1 great mod this xsnatic guy

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When in doubt go backwards then forwards again :upside_down_face:

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