Motor broke on my first ride

On my first ride a stone hit one of my motors and broke it.

The motor scrapes when it turns so I opened it up and found a broken magnet. I think it will probably still work if I just remove the magnet fragments but it looks like the broken magnet may break again. If possible I’d like to replace just the motor frame/magnets instead of buying another motor, but I’m not sure if psychotiller/maytech have frames available for purchase on their 6374 motors.

The bigger problem is that this happened on my first ride. I need to move my motors higher off the ground or cover them in order to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I could do this with bigger wheels, different motor mounts, motor covers, or just a different mount orientation. I knew the motors were a bit low to the ground but this was the highest I could get them without hitting the board so I don’t think adjusting the mount orientation is an option.

I’m using Surf Rodz TKP trucks with Psychotiller mounts, dual Psychotiller 6374 motors, and a RedEmber 44.

I’m considering these solutions but I’m not sure what will work:
Dickyho long reverse mount:
Psychotiller SixShooters:

some pictures of the damage to my build:


it doesn’t exactly work like that.

also, the dickyho mounts you mentioned does not work with Surfrodz TKP’s

@Peter could you show a picture of the stator? (the green part), could you also show a picture of where the fragment broke off from

Dickyho sells hex adapters that are a bit too small but I may be able to file them down to fix the surf rodz. I’m all ears if you have any suggestions though.

Here are some more motor pictures. The stator looks fine to me. You should be able to see the chipped magnet to the left of the motor shaft. I’ve also included the magnet fragment on the left of the picture. There is also a picture in my initial post showing the chipped magnet but it’s hard to see.

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hmm didnt know that.

They were designed for SR RKP hex trucks I believe

I think its for similar hex trucks that Dickyho has in his posession. I haven’t been able to see who makes the trucks he has. He claims his hex trucks have a diameter of 18.8mm while Surf Rodz TKP have a diameter of 18.9.
I’m not set on buying those mounts though, I’ll really take any good solution to my motor clearance issue.

adapters on ebay:

Dickyho announcing the new adapter:

Why wouldn’t it work if I just reassembled it without the broken fragments? Is there any way to repair the motor? I’m trying to get a replacement motor frame.

Also does anyone have any suggestions for how I can fix my motor clearance issue so that this doesn’t happen again?

Sr rkp are not hex hangers only the tkp.
You already have some pretty hefty risers there. You could lift the motor mount closer to the deck and remove the street side bushings and stand on the deck to check motor binding. They look on the low side. Failing that you could try reverse mounting to get more clearance. Also with reverse mount debris has a habit of hitting the truck assembly first before the motors so it may be safer.

I think my problem has been that the psychotiller mounts don’t have much room to adjust them if you use all the screws supplied. I used 3 of the 4 screws and it seems to fit much better. I’m probably going to play with the mounting orientation a bit more but this seems to be a better solution than using all 4 screws and scraping the ground.
Thanks for your help!

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I can buy a whole new motor from Psychotiller for $150 after shipping or I can buy a new motor frame from Maytech for $80 after shipping. I’m probably just going to buy a whole new motor and keep this broken one for spare parts since I don’t know if anything else was broken in other parts of the motor.

I’m fairly sure this is the motor that Psychotiller sells since he sells Maytech motors and all of the specs match exactly. I contacted Maytech and they offered to sell me just the frame but it doesn’t seem to be worth it for the price and uncertainty.
Motor Model Number: MTO6374-190-HA
Motor URL:


Just as an aside. Your mounts are upside down, the rounded part of the plate protects the can from bashes. The way you have it now reduces top clearance and leaves the can open to curb surfing.

There’s no rule on how to mount… just seems like common sense :+1:


Yeah I was going to flip them. I was just messing with the orientation to get a bit more height. Thanks

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Why not just to ask maytech or @Psychotiller if they have some spare magnets to sell? You can brake out the rest of the broken magnet and just glue in a new one with epoxy.

If nothing cut on the stator I doubt that there is any defect on this side.

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Ah, it was late, damn.

I’ve only ran three boltd on both sets of my psychotiller mounts.
They honestly have more adjustment than any mounts I’ve used.
Shame you lost a motor dude.


Thanks for the advice, wish I’d known to not use all the hardware from the start.

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My post just got flagged and removed? :thinking:

What was it about?