Motor and ESC compatibility

Hey y’all! First time posting but it’s about time. I’ve had a Meepo Hurricane for about a year now, but due to their crap parts, it’s spend 1/3rd of that time broken. I have 3 parts left that are Meepo, the motors, the ESC, and the battery(12s4p).

Anyway I’m struggling to match my LingYi-FOC 70 to a set of aftermarket motors. I want something around the 6380+ range just because the next thing to go is the ESC and I’ll get something BEEFY. I am just not sure I can cough up the cash for both at once. I’m in college so I’ll pay what I need, but rarely more. So right now I am looking for motors for my current ESC and for a future VESC.


Can you even fit 6380s or bigger on the hurricane? I measured mine and theres only about a 6mm gap between the 2 6374s so i dont think they would fit.

I swapped my hurricane ESC to a vesc/BKB Xenith and id be down to show you if your interested

A good set of aftermarket would be ghe flipsky 6374 170kvs. Shouldnt be a big enough difference to matter.

Buy the ESC first. Way bigger impact on power. Get bigger motors later if you run into thermal issues.

Also this ↓


^ the stock esc using the 6374s are way underpowered, im running around 80a per motor on my vesc swapped hurricane.


Oh man, you have had some bad luck. Motors, esc and battery.

I also agree. swap out the Lingyi to a VESC. If you are looking more fore reliability, you do not have to go too crazy. MakerX is a pretty safe bet. The only hassle is learning how to program it.

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A motor is only as powerful as the ESC controlling it. Bigger motor will only take longer to overheat, won’t give you any more power.


*unless you’re close to magnetically saturating it, which we arent.

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I think this is exactly what I’m going for(for now). I don’t need more power but I do need more reliability. And to the above mention of them not fitting, I’m an idiot and forgot to mention I got Savage1 trucks so I’m good up to 100s

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I would love a xenith but they are sold out :sob:. I should have mentioned I have Savage1 trucks so I’m set there. If I were to go up to 6384s, do you think I should be looking for an ESC that pushes more than 100A per motor? Or would it be easy to throttle down the ESC to only pump 80ish


Honestly the xenith is alright but id get something like the MakerX DV6/DV6 Pro instead with antispark and a bluetooth module, Pretty bulletproof from what ive heard and can pump more amps.

Also the older meepos with P42As can supply 180A theoretically but meepos battery craftsmanship isnt known for its reliability. So im not totally sure if you could run 100a per side.

Id get a DV6 if you can swing it.

Is antispark not built in? And the Bluetooth module is purely for programming from your phone, correct? All good things to know! Thank you!!

Just to clairify: your saying the 12s4p Molicel Pack is capable of 180A overall(wondering if a DV6 Pro is useless for me then)
And I know Meepo has switched up batteries recently, but I have the molicel cells they were used on the original Hurricanes, do you think these are as low quality as Meepos new stuff?
And one more thing, can I tune down the DV6 to push 80A for example and have it stay away from the max output of the battery? I have a second battery but that doesn’t mean I want to burn out the first one. And the first one has at least 150 charge cycles already

@havenever is selling a DV6 right now for cheap. Should scoop it up before it’s gone

Dont believe so.

Its for that but its also for monitoring your your stats like speed, battery left, and temps etc.

Correct, i dont think a DV6 Pro is worth it for your build. i run 80a per side at the moment but id be wary going past that, i dont know enough about batteries to go more in depth sadly.

Meepo’s spot welds are pretty weak and the BMS’s on the stock batteries have a history of failing, It should be fine but its definitely something to think about, that’s why i had my battery worked on by @A13XR3 He redid the spot welds, installed an XT90 instead of XT60 and installed an LLT BMS so i could monitor the cell groups and battery % from my phone.

Yeah for sure, Just set your motor amps to 80 per side when programming it in vesc tool.

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Amazing answers thank you! Of course the MakerX anti spark switch is sold out, got any links for other 200A anti spark?

If you’re worried about things staying not broken, just use a loopkey. In fact, even if you use an antispark switch, also use a loopkey…

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Not possible on this board without seriously compromising the deck.

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It’s worth buying a dv6 pro. Antisparks are prone to failure. the dv6 pro has a hibernate mode, not an antispark. Also, battery current and motor current are not the same thing. The dv6 pro will give you more torque off the line as you can set the motor current higher without pulling more from your battery.


I like your funny words magic man!

So DV6 Pro doesn’t need an antispark?

Nope. An xt90s on the battery will prevent sparks when plugging it in, but the vesc hibernate mode found in many newer escs has very low drain (in the micro amp range) which makes it a great option.

Sounds worth the extra $30 or so to me!