Most silent gear drive or other solutions...

That’s what I said. I hadn’t checked out their shop til now, some interesting stuff I guess. Kinda gimmicky tho, particularly the trucks. $400 rkp’s? Because titanium kingpin and Teflon pivot cups?

Kaly beats out finality in terms of noise? Damnnn

@rusins What do you mean by tuning 3dservisas gear drive right for less noise? What has to be done?

Jesus, i feel you when you say you feel bad running around your neighborhood…

Minimal backlash and sufficient grease.


Super beast sells a hub that’s legal pattern

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Yeah @PedroMcJimenez posted them a couple posts up. But no sense in buying budget DD with Gucci priced hubs

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That certainly helps a lot. What grease is best to use? Brand/model grease? Packed pretty good yeah?

I run red n tacky personally. You can also run some thick white lithium grease. You don’t need much, it’s just going to get thrown out onto the casing anyways. I just apply a thin coat all around. Once the drive starts to be a bit noisy i open it up and regrease it.

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I use lucasoil red and tacky for metal. And super lube for plastic

Btw, newbee 4gs are incredibly quiet, much more than my 3ds or moons


I use superlube for steel on steel gears. works fine

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No shit!?! Huh that’s good to hear!

Hey you guys I think I found the answer to this post. Aside from pricey wonderful quality 3d gd’s, which btw please check out SKP’s website as he has tons of quality options and some at used prices, but gotta check out bioboards herringbone gear drive! Looks like a wonderful option and priced at $500 sounds absolutely fair to me, I’m prolly gonna get some too. I hear Herringbones, then helical, then straights are the best to worst as far as freeRoll walking rattle and other stuff. Herringbones are basically described as dual helicals.

I unfortunately only have super lube so I’ll use that for now, as I’m gonna adjust my backlash mesh on my bn m1 at gd’s. I read somewhere to use about 2oz of lube on a gd but maybe since I’m tryna rid the rattle I need to pack in double that. What do y’all think?

Screen Shot 2024-05-13 at 7.08.02 PM

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My 4GS drives are more quiet than my belt drives. It’s nuts.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll be trying out the newest version of 4GS drives with the metal slave pinion gears. Curious to see if those are also just as quiet.


Let me know how those metal gears go, im curious

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Yep, will do.

I’ll be using them with 9" tires on an MTB board, so I’ll try to put them through their paces.

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I used 3ds’s supplied lithium grease, and just made sure that it’s fully covering the gears. No need to completely fill up the casing, that’ll just make it leak out faster.

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Just want to hop in to tell to skip on the AT/pneumatic hubs

Torque will be very bad.

Anyone know how loud the Acedeck gear drives are?

i think they’re louder than belt drive. i haven’t heard them recently tho

Pretty quiet, I ride with a friend who has a NYX Z1 and I certainly can’t hear him over my straight cut BN gears.
It’s about as loud as you’d expect IMO, not shockingly loud or quiet, louder than 4gs, or belt drives. Quieter than pretty much any straight cuts I’ve heard.