Most silent gear drive or other solutions...

I currently have boardnamics M1-AT gear drive with 140kv motor, mbs Matricks trucks avec Rockstar hubs, 12S battery. I enjoy the riding of mtb style board, boardamics gear drive is very nice!

Since sound is an issue for me, I am still looking about upgrading for something that would produce less noise. I saw 3dservisas gear drive and the seem to be less noisy but I do not know by how much. Im not sure if it worth the switch… Or is there another gear drive that is known to be the most quiet?

I ride at quite low speed (40kmph is the max for me). Maybe there could be another solution (hub motors with pneumatic tires for example) accepting pneumatic tire so if you know another solution than gear drives please share. I still prefer gear drive to belts because of the freewheel of gear drives.

I could make a second board, more silent but still mtb style, for street riding only for example.

Thank you and have a nice day!

3ds helical drives can be more silent than belts if tuned right. So if sound matters to you then definitely worth the swap. Also, you say you don’t go fast, but how much power do you need? A less-torquey gear ratio will let your motor spin slower for the same speed, thus decreasing noise further.

Pneumatic hub motors would be the most silent, but I’m not an expert on what options there are available for esk8. Definitely don’t choose the planetary gear ones, those are loud!


Thanks for your reply! I currently have 140kv battlehardened flipsky motors and also another spare of 140kv motors from Maytech. I could also buy 90kv motors from Maytech…

If it is for street riding, not much torque is needed. I have a 12s5p p42a battery that I never deplete more than half… I have two Spintend Ubox v1 I can use.

3d servisas FatBoy SS Mini Helical Gear Drive V6 for FatBoy320 can be 1:2.6 gear ratio. That is such low ratio! With 12s 140kv 200mm wheels that makes a top speed of 76kmph per hour. Maybe 90kv motors would be needed…

I’d love to build a board with this setup as well.

From what I’ve seen so far, there are a few xl torque board direct drive 4WD on hubs, but you’d have to find a used set. Otherwise

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Kaly gear drive is the quietest that I have experienced.


Thanks for your reply! Did you also try 3dservisas?

Yes. I had the mini eco and tried the finality.

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Thanks for your reply! Backfire AT hubs are not for pneumatic tires. I would love to try building something with them if they were pneumatic.

I have not tried the KALY helicals, but the straight cuts were for sure not as quite as straight cut 3ds. If you don’t need a lot of speed I would use your 140kv motors and 1:4 helical AT… it’s VEEEEERY quite however with helical the freerol is not as good as straight cuts. The 3Ds straight cut is still pretty quite tho.

Here is an example of free roll on straight cuts

Here is an example on noise level at 53mph free spin on helical finality. Keep in mind the free spin is going to be lounder then it would be while you are riding.

Sleepless is right, direct drive would be the quietest! You can now buy Revel kit drives separately – you’d definitely want 4WD with pneumatics though. Luckily the drives themselves are cheap :slight_smile:

But then you need to find AT hubs with a kegel mounting pattern. Such exist, but are rare. Or you can 3d-print your own adapter :person_shrugging:


My 3ds drives are almost as quiet as my direct drives were. I can sneak up on ya at 40mph on em xD
My direct drives, however, made a more pleasant noise. Kinda like an electronic whale song, while my gear drive is more of a quiet mechanical whirring sound. Direct drive, however, suffers extreme inefficiency due to the 1:1 gearing, when compared to a gear drive.

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Yeah DDs are for sure the most silent. But you almost need 4wd for AT DD if you plan on having any fun

Are you sure that the gears are the blame for the noise. Those flipsky 63** motors are known for really high frequency pitch noise when pushing around max erpm?

Take a look st this thread.

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Man, every time this gets posted I’m more and more tempted… That’s really not a bad price at all for 2 DD motors + truck.

3D printing a robust hub adapter wouldn’t be that difficult either…

The revel kit is awesome, but it doesn’t compare in torque to a 6355 belt setup. I’ll be ripping up steep hills, while my girlfriend goes about 5mph at full throttle.

It’s a legit setup if you just want to rip around moderate terrain. I think you would cook the motors pretty fast if you tried to run revel with 160mm AT wheels.

2wd or 4wd revel?

I think 4wd is basically required if going over ~110mm wheels


I’m speaking 2wd revel. 4wd revel would probably take care of everything I mentioned in my comment.

You might run into wheelbite issues with some decks if you tried to run AT wheels. Those trucks aren’t that wide. They’re 11", so between 180s (10") and 220s (12.6") . I personally think pneumies look funky on skinny trucks (see BKB duo kit).

Is there anyone making kegel AT wheels? I know janux used to, but I heard they’re not doing business anymore.


@PedroMcJimenez Have you seen the back face of these hubs? From those pics, looks like only every 2nd pin? :face_with_monocle:


Yeah, BNs only use 5 pins though :man_shrugging:

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