Most Efficient Motor

I’m wondering which motor is the most efficient Wh/km wise at a constant speed of let’s they 20km/h-30km/h.

I found so far 5 interesting options

APS 4260S 100KV

APS 5055S 220KV

FS 5055S 200KV

Racestar 5045 200KV

MT 5055S 220KV

Any other suggestions or ideas?

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I think that depends also with which voltage you power them, I think also gearing.
I do not know the calculation behind, probably @professor_shartsis can give you some nice graphs for it.


Should be 12S. Higher voltage is more efficient. KV and gearing should max out at the max speed wich should be achieved for best efficiency. Also the best results should have a 1:1 gear ration. But I don’t know if such a low kv is possible at that speeds.

At the moment I am more interested to find a nice motor.

Efficiency doesn’t matter if the motors are trash, stick to maytech and torqueboards.


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Why you need them most efficient? Participating in the Shell Eco Marathon or something?


Why are those 5 the interesting options? Based on? :+1:

Amount of repairs per km/mile? Well, except for the Maytech, that’ll be fine.

1st one is 6mm shaft so no Bueno.


Look for idle current/no load consumption. Usually a good tell overall. (lower=better)

Yes but they lie on those numbers so not necessarily a good indication

for the same size stator and copper fill the higher kv is more efficient, generally the bigger motor is more efficient, for the same kv the lower resistance motor is more efficient, gearing for the lowest acceptable top speed is most efficient… unless its direct drive (1:1 gearing) then the lower kv is more efficient


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is it 6s?


I’d love for my motors to start doing my taxes or start paying rent so that it can effectively pay for itself, but one of my motors is being a little slut


Then find another vendor xD

I like these answers are so much more than the animated gif graphs. :joy:


Thanks for the multiple answers.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an efficient motor preferable with estimated consumption Wh/km?

that depends on the gearing, resistance, how fast you ride, amount of starting and stopping, weight of the rider and the terrain.

No gearing, aiming for 1:1, DD, hub, or something. Just looking for a motor ATM. Speed like I said something between 20-30km/h should be fine. Normal rider weight. 60-100kg. It should be for long distance on street in a light weight build. Maybe 12S1P Samsung 50E or similar.

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