MOONBEAMS $28 inc. shipping

Thanks to @deckoz and @moone’s mate I have discovered Armattan Proudctions. They cut CF in Taiwan and are very affordable.

$6 increase in price from the ones I am selling in the past

I play no role in the production or shipping for this item, it will be interesting to see how this works.

*3K Twill Carbon Fibre Deck Protectors *

Prevent your bolts sinking into your deck by using these “moonbeams”

Buy 4 pieces to make a complete set

Add some flair to your electric skateboard!


X-style -

Ive added a new style, also $28 shipped when you buy a pair to fit your board

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Purchased! Can’t wait to see how they look. Are these guaranteed to look the same?


I spent some time researching them and reading their FAQ’s etc. They are a very reputable company and machine their stuff in the US. Should expect good quality, if not Ill PayPal your money back

I put some commission on this thing nothing huge :slight_smile:

Edit - Recently found out that its machined and shipped from Taiwan.


Bought. Thank you xD

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aww hell yeah, BOUGHT $$

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Hi, if you ordered these please message me.


Ordered mine last night! Can’t wait!

I ordered some too!

Link updated

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Ive added a new style, also $28 shipped when you buy a pair to fit your board


Do youu still sell the X Brackets? could use some of those.

what happned to the x brackets with the cutout? i seem to remember it was a xbracket like the moon beams

Hey Moon - have you got any of these on hand for UK dispatch?

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No, Ill order a bunch tonight :slight_smile:

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I can’t remember what it is you are talking about, sorry

Do you have the x plates in stock? Which website do I order from?

Sixth comment up from yours


Is moon esk8 and armattan productions the same company?

Armattan does the manufacturing and shipping. Think of it like a mini Amazon?. Moon esk8 is a business that uses Armattan to make and supply his designs.

Think I got right. @moon?

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