Mooch’s Bench Test Results: BAK N21700CG-50 – 15A 5000mAh 21700…decent performer, equal to Samsung 50E3

A decent performer, equal to the Samsung 50E3. As for all of the 5000mAh 21700’s I recommend staying below 10A to increase performance, increase cycle life, and to reduce risk.

Full test report: Bench Test Results: BAK N21700CG-50 – 15A 5000mAh 21700…decent performer, equal to Samsung 50E3 | E-Cigarette Forum


Damn… didn’t expect this… Are all of your findings on GitHub? Or some central location? Or do you have your own site yet? From what I have seen the other BAK you have tested have been pretty up to par as well right?

Who is BAK?

I have seen a few of their cells about recently but never heard of them before and assumed a cheep Chinese brand. Where does they come from?


China :joy: and they are super cheap. That’s why I’m surprised I have seen a couple of mooches tests stating they are good performers.

If only they had a high discharge 21700 :innocent:

Here is everything: Mooch's blog | E-Cigarette Forum

Yup, all have been pretty decent performers so far.

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They are a huge, and legit, manufacturing company and have been around for at least 15 years IIRC. They’re big in Asia but the rest of the world is “discovering” them now that so many other cells are hard to get.

Same with Lishen.


BAK prices have a actually gone up a bit but lishen are still super cheap.

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BAK and DLG make pretty good cells. Both have 30Q contenders, but from what I’ve heard BAK’s is very good but not quite, and DLGs has a poor cycle life.

I actually recently got a few hundred DLG 3000mah 6.6A cells for my own scooters/small stuff, and initial tests say they were great value. I got them from Fogstar, a pin damaged them (I think on their testing rig)

so they were only 0.25 each… I’d only trust fogstar when buying “b stock” cells though. (I got some bottom dented P42As too)


Bargain. Didn’t know fogstar ever did B grade sales. Where did you find these?

I actually emailed them asking if they had spare P42A cells, because I was short a few, they didn’t but they did have these. They don’t stock B-Stock, I think these were damaged by their testing machines or maybe in shipping.

The P42As have dents on the edge of the bottom, as they avoid the internal spot weld I’m pretty happy using them.

I’ll have to discharge test them all but for 1 quid each I couldn’t pass them up

Edit: They still have the DLG cells if you want them I think. you’ve just gotta shoot them an email


Holy shit is that 25c? If that’s right I might grab a bunch and make like a 8p or 10p pack to get up to decent discharge levels

yea, 25 cents per cell. I’d never get them from anyone but fogstar, I trust them to not sell things which are unusably dangerous :slight_smile:


Cool thanks! I couldn’t find any info online about that type of cell, are they 18650 or LiFePO4 26650 or something else?


if I build a 12S9P with these cells for my Flux I can set the ESC to pull 80 amps from the battery and be cool in the game right.

I wonder what kind of range I could actually get…

I only get maybe 30 miles on my stupid 30 AH 12S10P 30Q pack…

so I wonder if I bumped it up to 45 AH if i can expect to get 40 miles.

18650store had them in stock and for 108 I would be looking at 520 bucks in cells…

That’s just an amp below the rating I gave them and is very hard use for these cells, but it won’t damage them a lot. They’re best at 5A-7A and lower for good efficiency but 9A isn’t a disaster. But it is about where you really start seeing a lot of sag and loss of range.

A 9P of these will blow away a 10P of 30Q’s though.


I don;t have a Metr or Robogotchi to see what i actually pull on the Flux.

but I doubt i actually pull 80 amps.

so I wonder if i could just set it at 65 amps and be golden…

there is not a better 21700 cell out there capacity wise correct for our application?
i woudl also consider the 50E, but not sure if those are ever availalbe.

Wondering the same. My hub motor only pulls 20A, but unless I’m going at max speed, that’s less than 20A battery draw. So less than 10A per cell. These seem pretty good for that use case :slight_smile:


I actually recently did a 12s8p of these cells, in a pneumatic build. One charge did 48 miles, next charge did 53 miles. I think there was a bit more in the tank, but it’s performing well.

I got two cases of these, and they’ll also be going into another couple of portable chargers for Onewheels and stuff.

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this is dreamy.

I should do this…
there is always something…
still really really want a stupid OneWheel…

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