Modular Battery Kits and esk8

So I saw these modular kits for 18650s for making batteries. Seeing as im not very electronically knowledgeable im to scared to build a battery like people normally would but its also quite expensive to have someone else to it. SOO was wondering if people have used these kits ( for esk8 batterys. Looking to make a 10s2p or 12s2p maybe.

Any reply is greatly appreciated

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Took a lot to get us here. Man those words feel good to read.

I have not, but i can definitely see the appeal. This looks like it could simplify a lot of things. for somebody starting out.


I would recommend looking at the NESE battery system. There is a detailed thread on this forum. Way better for use in esk8 than vruzend…


Very steep learning curve with battery building. working on my 11th pack and I would still not trust my work to charge in the house or give to someone else to use. If your only going to ever build 1 or 2 boards modular or get one master builders in your area to build is the go.

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Just go for NESE, its great and they are known to work up to 200 amps with heavy vibrations. I love mine. Plus you can swap cells super easily. Many people use NESE in their skates. Here is the thread.

I second the recommendation on NESE. It’s more compact than Vruzend. Also, you’ll get good customer support directly on this forum from both @Agniusm and the community. I don’t think we have anyone from Vruzend here and I haven’t actually seen any esk8 builds using it.

I third

There’s a new kid on the block… These 2x3 and 2x4 Polycarbonate boxes w/ gold plated flat head screws as contacts, copper/brass strips for bus bars. They’re sold for both 18650s and 21700s, and if you order from AliExpress, can get a version with a nice built-in bidrectional charger. Amazon has some stock, plenty more available via AliExpress and Ebay.

I’m working on a modular 12S pack I can carry on a plane as 12x separate 86-99Wh USB booster packs. There’s more wasted space than w/ Vruzend, N.E.S.E., and nearly as much wasted space as the no-longer-made Batteryblocs I loved, but I can still fit 12S8P easily in an 11in tool bag, and 14S8P in a 13in bag. At $12-15 per group for “vitamins” like ring terminals, bullets, short lengths of wire, a 5V 2A USB-C bidirectional charging PCB, the box kit itself, I’m happy as a clam if this works. The screws and little bus strips may or may not have the ampacity of the strips in N.E.S.E… We shall see. Here are the boxes:


I’m always worried about the cell contacts slowly denting in from the constant pressure with added vibration/shock, loosening the connections. Though I guess they can be regularly checked and the screws tightened.

Looking forward to hearing how this holds up over time!

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Something like this might work really well on an ebike build. I haven’t built the battery for mine yet but I did connect and cut out the cell holders already for the shape I want. But these might make assembly and wiring a bit easier. they take up a lot of space though, I wouldn’t quite get the cell density I want. Still worth considering.

that’ll take 12 hours to charge btw

If there’s interest I can post some details about the battery blocs system which disappeared a few years ago but I built a 14s4p battery and put it in a vinyl fence post.

Made it 1100 miles before I took that ebike apart.

I intend to charge through a proper (okay, a shitty one… A Daly 30/15A) BMS as 12S once assembled.
I bought 2 different “plate blocks” of little bidirectional USB boards, don’t think I’ll use any of them. I just wanted to add for show, to create a functional USB power bank, not just a scary-looking big battery.