Modifying prebuilt junk, in stages, to be less junk like.

The meepo hanger probably fits on any caliber or Paris baseplates, but I believe they also sell the baseplates somewhere in that confusing website.

I now have some caliber trucks, and M1 inboard manta drive hubs thanks to @arzamenable.

I need to get that weird 9 pin phase and sensor cable connector though.

The meepo website certainly screwed themselves out of a purchase. I need way more info. scrolling down to hopefully find ‘product details’, and finding none, is bullshit.

I couldnt find individual baseplates for sale either.

I was also looking into the backfire 600 watt 96mm hub motors, which seem to have 6 pin JST.

Ultimately the Puaida won due to price and replaceable sleeves and free USA based shipping, though they shipped from china anyway, but only took 8 days.

Oh well, i am the master of poor decisions.

I was wanting to put the 80mm M1’s on my diagonal mini, but the caliber trucks are too wide.

The M1’s on the calibers are wider than my puaidas, and those barely fit into the kayak hatch.

Lots of plans, not enough time, or $$, or skills.

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A while back my 7s junking remote got a little salt water wet, and developed a fast self discharge characteristic.

I didnt expect to still be using 7s at this point, but when i went to take Fiona to the swimming hole just now, the remote was dead.

Thankfully i have this single cell 18650 usb power supply(thrunite C-2), and have achieved, happy wet dog status.


Having no confidence in my ability to get the fsesc6.6 mini to properly power my hub motors, I’ve put mr60’s on my puaida hubs, and on the ebay nuclear cockroach Lingyi ESC, and figured out a method to secure it to my enclosure’s heatsink.

The roach also got 12awg and an Authentic xt90 to replace the too short 18 awg and fake xt60.

I desoldered the 7s bridge this am, and have to 6-5 pin the sensor connector before I get to see just how bad an ESC the lingyi is.

The fsesc will get MR 60’d too.

I have not given up on the fsesc, yet.

The 62$ ebay lingyi is the backup plan that i am making sure is viable, and hopefully works well enough I can give the 12mph diagonal mini a break

3 different escs can now easily, securely attach to my enclosure’s heatsink

If the lingyi is as bad as I’ve read, and the fsesc 6.6 never works right, I am not sure what ill do

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If this is just about the jerky throttle response, it’s probably not as bad as you’ve read. I think we’re all (except the stooge riders) a tad bit spoiled by the smoothness of VESC. I’ve ridden a number of pre built HW/LY boards and while you can certainly feel the throttle response isn’t quite as refined, it’s definitely good enough for me.


I got a small taste of that smoothness, accelerating slowly with the fsesc, but the brakes were still wonky, if braking hard, and motors were not as quiet as the other ESC, below half throttle.

My 62$ ebay lingyi was made in August 2021, so perhaps is a bit different than older models

I’m hoping I can run a detection and not have resistance or inductance double or halve from 1 detection to the next, and hoping that one in the middle somewhere is close to correct.

I would really love the ability to customize with Vesc, and fully understand the program, and get the bluetooth to reliably connect with my phone too.

But I miss the midsize’s 25 mph+ ability, and ride comfort.

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Did a bench test with the cockroach ESC, and the motors just cog and don’t move, with the sensors plugged in.

The motors seem to spin up normally with the sensors disconnected. 2845rpm on one, and 2851rpm on the other which is about 30mph, which is the same unloaded speed as the self disconnecting Puaida ESC was/is.

I checked my 73mm hub motor connectors, and copied their red yellow green blue black order.

Wonder if the YBG order is different of halls 1,2,3.

Edit: I checked a picture, then swapped the blue and green sensor wires, and then both motors spun up fine, but backwards, so I’ll swap sides, which works better, from a wire organization standpoint.

I noticed that Puaida has a 2024 ESC that they said that they strengthened the brakes on, my primary complaint with the pre 2024 model, well, before it randomly started disconnecting with about 550 miles on it.

A different style remote with a different display, more telemetry, and some programmability built in too.

I hope I don’t develop the need to order it. I’d love to get vesc working proper, but if I have to go back to non V ESC, well its not like I’m racing, and my hub motor junk is not going to impress anyone anyway. Wish I could throw down for a quality non kayakable board.

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Just returned from Ebay Lingyi nuclear cockroach ESC test ride.

Once again, the hub motors are nearly silent accelerating, and even quieter coasting, and the freeroll is insanely good, far better than my acoustic with its coned sector 9 wheels and ancient bearings.

The throttle engagement is a bit abrupt initially, but after it is engaged, it seems pretty smooth. NO obvious steps like the Puaida esc had.

There is not quite as much torque as Puaida/Lingyi ESC.
I’d say it has between 85 and 90% the torque, but my 10s battery was not fully charged either.

No idea on top speed, as local radar speed sign is down, and there are some wet sections of road to avoid, but I suspect it is down a bit, or takes a lot longer to get there.
No matter right now.
I can still easily exceed speed limit in this housing development, can outrun traffic again.

Fiona should be stoked too. While the diagonal mini on 7s could tow the kayak the 2 miles round trip no issues at 11, maybe 12mph, I much prefer to tow it faster and be able to outrun following traffic

Braking is perhaps a smidge stronger, but still too weak, and the motors are much quieter braking with this ESC, compared to Puaida, which emitted a pretty loud whir whir whir when braking.

I’m gonna pad and secure some more interior wiring better, then retire the Velcro cinch straps and return the 18 screws to the enclosure.

I’m gonna finish my 10s1p p42a battery, and use that and my other hub motors when I next try and get the vesc to work on the bench. A road test would require swapping it into the midsize though.

Since I can now go relatively fast again, the pressure to get vesc going ASAP is off.

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Just towed Fiona to the park and back.

It’s been kind of off limits with the diagonal mini’s super thin urethane hub sleeves, as the road is super rough for 200 meters. The blood orange urethane on front truck soaks it up.

Top speed and torque is definitely down from the Puaida ESC, and the throttle is touchy, especially in my left hand(chariot handle in right)

I also used more battery than I thought should have been consumed, so perhaps the cockroach is less efficient too.

Neither the hubs or Heatsink felt very hot on my return.

I’ve not checked the Pgroup balance of my battery yet, and dont trust the daly dumb bms to do much, cause I dont hold it at 41.8v + very often, for very long.

The radar speed sign had been recharged and replaced, on our journey to the watering hole just now.

I’d hoped it would be there and had been at full throttle since well before it came into view.

No wind , and it barely touched 23 mph/37kmh, whereas with puaida esc we had hit 29 mph, with a tailwind.

That initial throttle push of the ride, had me wheelie. It is very touchy, and I need to get used to it.

I do miss the loss of some torque and top speed with the ebay cockroach ESC, but it is so much better a ride than the diagonal mini, I’ll stop complaining.

Hopefully I can relegate it to emergency back up duty in the not too distant future.

So nice to be able to get here, exceeding the speed limit again.