Modern Unity Firmware?

I dug up an old unity and was wondering where I can find the newest version of FW.
Interested in testing out A.S.S. or at least HiFi.

Thanks in advance!

Not a pro but I’m confident the unity is compatible with any 6.xx vesc FW no ?
So if it is, it’s gonna be on vesc tool website

u can force flash the firmware in vesc tool to get fw5+, so u have HFI / smart reverse…etc. many people have done that, but not me, so i don’t know the exact steps

if you’re referring to the hardware, Unity is 4.xx HW that can run 5.xx fw


I believe A.S.S. is currently officially supported only on select VESCs™. Supposedly custom hardware is required to run it.

HFI should be available, just connect to the unity via the VESC™ app and flash the fw. 5.1 runs fine on my bloody unity.

Seriously?? i had no idea


Wut I thought unity was a dual esc based on vesc 6.xx
it’s just a dual focbox, so 2 vesc 4. with direct fet ??


no sir. unity is a 4.10/4.11/4.12 based esc.


I use HFI on a unity without issues.
FW 5.1


Do you have the detail steps? I haven’t flashed a dual vesc before. A little iffy.

This is why it’s important to NOT flash Firmware on a Unity.


Go to the firmware tab and click flash.

(Don’t select the “flash all on can bus option”)

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As far as I know, with the official vesc tool, this is impossible.

To flash v6 fw on v4 hw? That is possible, since the tool doesn’t care what is is afaik.

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When I used vesc tool, It would always detect my hw, and I can’t select anything else in the drop-down except compatible fw.

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hoho how do you tell if the fw is for 4. or 6. esc ? i might have did an oopsi

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by what the manufacturer tells you :smiley: Or the knowledge of others.

I actaully did flash a FW6 ont a FW4.
made a loud pop when i did motor detect :stuck_out_tongue:

So just grab the official firmware on the vesc site and flash right?

If you have the latest tool already then it comes with the latest Firmware.

just connect to it, select 410/411/412 and then the default firmware.

Let’s hope nothing serious blew…