Mixed ESCs in a 4WD build?

I’d like to build a pair of AWD boards in the off season, (really just re-powering a pair of boards with 4x smaller motors vs 2x larger) and am wondering if I’m in for a world of hurt mixing a pair of Torqueboards VESC 4.x singles with either a focbox unity or FSESC 6.6 dual mini. Anybody see any big issues with this setup? The goal here is to avoid having to buy yet another ESC or rob another board of either a matching FSESC or unity to complete the matched pair… I have said pair of singles, hoping this will work, maybe with the Unity, as it’s closer to a VESC 4.x. If it matters, said 4x small motors will be sensored Flipsky 6354 190kv I intend to feed 65A max at 12S. I trust the unity at 12S, but have never run anything else above 10S… Am I in for a world of hurt with a pair of FSESC dual mini or the 4.xx singles at 12S?


I don’t think Unity will CAN connect with other ESCs, but all VESC based ESCs should be compatible with each other (i.e. Flipsky dual 6.6 with 2x Torqueboards 4.12), at least the OG Trampa ones claim to be

You can run a 4.12 at 12s but more likely to blow them, so not go above 190kv with that setup

wait a unity on vesc firmware wont connect to others on CAN? damnit that ruins my plans for a 4wd meepo with a unity and 2 focboxes

dont judge me, its a meme board i’m making out of spare parts

Pretty sure you can’t mix v4 and v6


The ESCs have to be running the same FW release I think, might work if you run the Unity via the VESC Tool

Al is correct. Otherwise, Firmware is the key.

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While there are other elements which aren’t the same, the communication chips on ESCs of the same hardware (i.e all 4.12 or unity & stormcore) are the same. So if you have a TB 4.12 and a Flipsky 4.12 on the same firmware, to the communication chips, there is no difference. Given the comm on unity, v6 and v4 are different, you can’t or at least shouldn’t mix hardware versions.

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Lots of input… I gather that mixing 4.xx with 6.xx is a bad idea.

This still leaves the pair of unities, unity + pair of 4.xx singles as “maybe” combos.

190kv at 12s = 9576RPM max at full charge… multiplied by 7 pole pairs = 67032ERPM, which is over the limit for VESC 4.xx, yet the focbox has been a champ in this configuration.

I guess I’ll just try the pair of singles + unity combo, and double unity combo, see how it goes.

If all esc’s are running the same vesc firmware then they will all work fine on can bus together.

Mixing hardware is fine, mixing duals and singles is fine, mixing 4x and 6x is fine.



There’s so much conflicting info someone should test this out. I have everything to test this except a can cable…

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you put the can in can’t

no, you put the can in the port

I second @ducktaperules

Mixing hardware is fine.

Mixing 4.x and 6.x is fine.

Mixing BLDC and FOC mode should be fine.

Mixing sensors, unsensored, encoders, and HFI is fine.

You should even be able to use different batteries/voltages for the different ESCs as long as all the ESCs share a negative connection.

I don’t think you can mix a duty cycle control with a current control scheme. (esk8 folks don’t use a duty cycle control mode)

You can use a VESC 4.12 and a VESC 6 and a FSESC 75100 together if you want with three different motors all with different Kv, different gearings, and different size wheels or propellers. It will work.

What you can’t do is mix firmware versions. All devices need to be running the same version of firmware, even if they’re different hardware files.

You also should not run a VESC 4.12 at 12S voltages in FOC mode, it will probably blow up. 10S max or BLDC mode.


Even if you keep amps low? I’m currently running Meepo hubs at 12s on a fsesc4.12. So far so good but early days.

If it’s working I wouldn’t change anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can you make this more beginner friendly?

Firmware being determined by VESC tool downloaded. Insert link to vesc tool downloads.

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Glad to find this, been considering turning two of my boards into one 4 wheel drive board since only one really ever gets used.

How about mixing different power on mechanisms? So Stormcore push button (always connected to battery) and an antispark for two other V6 ESCs?

I don’t know how that would turn out with CAN always connected or if I would have to disconnect that too.

Edit: VX-1 remote pairs easily to two receivers and stays paired after turning the remote on and off so two separate batteries and drivetrains it is, don’t even need to open up the ESC cases :full_moon_with_face:

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