Mini Pneumatics (5 inch tires)

Hello everyone, Anshul here. As many of you know, I like making stuff. I recently posted a thread offering machining and design services, thanks to everyone who reached out, projects are coming together nicely!

@Halbj613 reached out to me, and asked about the possibility of mini pneumatic wheels. Making 60 hubs on my CNC router just isn’t possible, but I knew that we had other options.

These will be milled a Haas CNC machine. We have a Cad model mostly complete. These hubs will have the kegel core. The one problem we ran into was what to do with the air inlet valve. If you have any ideas, please share, as in its current form only bolt on pulleys will work (we know that these will be good for DD, so pressfit is important)

Edit: Will work with some press fits (fewer kegel “prongs”)

Before we continue putting effort into this project, I wanted to gauge interest on this, and see what people are willing to pay. Even though I have access to quality machinery, this project will still be very expensive.

Screenshot from 2020-05-10 21-48-22

The tires and tubes are custom made. My plan was to get a set to test 3d printed prototypes, but shipping on one unit from china was quite a lot. @Linny has kindly agreed to 3d print and test for us.

Please provide any feedback, and share concerns you may have. Also if you have any suggestions, please don’t hold out.

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Screenshot from 2020-05-10 21-49-35 Screenshot from 2020-05-10 21-55-24

The large holes are for the tube air valve. Again if you have ideas of how else we can deal with the valve, please share. The great thing about this, is that once we finalize the over all hub design, we can continue to tweak the core.

Please let me know if you have questions or ideas!


What about tires?

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The factory in China will make tires and tubes based on our cad model!

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Oh fuck I need this so bad


what are the dimensions of the intended tire/tube?

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Awesome! Definitely encouraging!

5inch pneumatics have been the unicorn product that as far as I know only a few people have every ridden for esk8


5inch diameter

hub is a bit under 2 inches, so we will work from that. Benefit of custom :call_me_hand:t4:


I would love some 5 inch nummie wide boys . 5x3.5 or so would be awesome like race tires for my eboard yes please


Awesome thanks for your interest. Knowing that people are actually interested really helps!

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Something like 5x3 would be perrrrrfect! Wide and small!


can you make do with existing 5x1 tires and tubes for inline skates?


Honestly smaller width is better. The main benefit to these smaller hubs is a lower wh/mile. Having a larger contact patch will mean that the value goes up. I want the comfort of pneumatics with my range to be as close to urethane as possible
lf you want racing wheels then the stuff that @MoeStooge offers is the way to go


I probably can, but with all the design work and factory research, I feel like this route is the best right now.

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Would it not be better to.just have one hole for the valve stem and leave the other side filled in to help with tire balance?


yeh maybe. let me look into that



Looks great really like the design. My only other gripe would be that edge between the center and outer rim. It might put excess strain on the tube. But Idk design limitations maybe that was done on purpose.

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This would be awesome for the TBDD, following closely :slight_smile:

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awesome, thanks for the interest!

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Why not 5x5 :rofl: