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Mid to high end Street board.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Christoffer from Sweden, I have snowboarded since I was a kid and I am a pretty decent longboarder but since kids, wife, house and all that got in the way a few years back.

Now I feel the urge to ride again and I bought a Landyachtz drop hammer this summer.

Now I’m in the market for the extra push of two electric motors. I have been looking extra hard on the Trampa Orrsom. With battery it will cost my roughly 2k and that seems reasonable for what looks like a quality build. But since I don’t have that much time on my hands I don’t know if I can justify the cost of buying something brand new.

So, let me what you have laying around.

All the best



How fast do you want to go, and how far?
Do you want to build or just turn it on and ride?


It would also help if you clarify whether you want “street wheels” (aka urethane) or “off-road wheels” (aka pneumatics). They can both be used on the street. The orrsom can do both… But there are other, better (read as: non-trampa) decks that do both as well.


I’m open to both. But I would prefer a complete set or assembled board.

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I put street board in the title but either is good as long as it is compatible with both sets.


Welcome Christoffer, I’m Christopher :smiley:

Please define your expectations from your board, speed, range, which acceleration & type of use. I suspect since Sweden you might want pneumatic tyres wheels (wet roads or nature trails?).

2k budget I think is a comfortable budget for a dual motor AT setup plus very big battery, maybe a stretch toward a AWD and mid size battery.


It’s kind of a loose term in my opinion, but I take it that you’re only looking for urethane.

Hopefully that helps slim out pneumie offerings.

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First of all I want to be able to carve on the streets like I do on my longboard.

I would like

A board that looks like a switchblade with urethane wheels, pretty stiff allround deck with trucks that can take a high speed without wobbles and still be able to carve.

It would be great if it came with AR wheels or that it is possible to buy and use on the same set up.

45 km/h top speed would be sufficient and 30-40 km range.

I prefer stuff that doesn’t break easily before high end stuff.

Hope this helps.

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High quality and luxury finish, meets your specs, is brand new. It is not well known but Hoyt has a solid reputation around here for their parts. Notably the remote. You can order the deck with glass frit grip and forget.


That is a nice board but I forgot to mention that it’s best to keep this within EU due to the taxes and fees that would ruin me buying from overseas.


Where is an orsom deck combo for sale.

On Trampas website.

Well there is Bioboards I think in EU but it punches above your budget…

Most reputable brands aren’t from EU in rtr skateboards.

Another option is to have a drive like the Mellow or the Landwheel and add spare battery packs.

1666 euro without battery.

Yes, they are from Sweden but even though it’s so sweet it’s pretty expensive.

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@Anubis is releasing a hummie complete at some point


This looks very interesting. I have browsed their website before and I really like the deck.
I could just steal the set up and assemble it myself :thinking::star_struck:

How would it compare against the Trampa?

Sorry, spell check, There* is one for sale here.

Aha, the one with the swizz cheese deck? :thinking:
I didn’t think the price reflected the condition.