Mental health - please take care of it

hey there, just wanted to point out that especially since 2020 it is NOT easier than ever to connect in a meaningful way to others and find solace. how so? internet and digital media are not meaningful to us humans, we need to get together, talk in person, relate in person, get in touch in its literal sense. the depressions and mental issues are through the roof since the so called pandemic. I don’t want to turn this into politics but if you want to treat depression, you also need to understand that at the core of what has been happening in the last two years was the world economic forum and the attempt of billionaires to create a new anti-social anti-human transhumanist system and it relies heavily on artificial human interaction, not real one. this causes depression, a lot.


Yo,im not going to derail the thread over something which you just obviously misinterpreted,I was referring to it being easier to reach out by @xsynatic going to all the trouble of linking all the help lines to call and in different countries! The more awareness thats spread who’s to say how many lives that could save and believe me i know its been a fucked up couple of years…have a blessed day! :v:


That’s not really a cool thing to say in this thread. Spread the love!


I wish i could just like the first half of this post :sweat_smile:

Mental stuff is hard. Esk8 makes it better for me. Probs not the right thing to do but i just stay busy. Can’t be sad if you’re busy right!? :sweat_smile:


Definitely :white_check_mark:s 1 off the list i mentioned previously,lets try and keep this helpful thread positive! Personally I’ve went through a real fucking low point in my life years back,even lost a close friend recently as well from mental health,Gym life really helped me 100%…life is always gonna be a struggle for anyone but you get what you put in!


I know I said I shouldn’t give mental health advice, but I will drop this one nugget. In my opinion, the key to mental health, which I personally still prefer to refer to as “happiness,” is distancing yourself from the things that degrade yours. There are, obviously, many things that that doesn’t apply to. I’m not saying run away from your responsibilities. But, run away from the unnecessary stressors in your life, and take that extra time and dedicate it to your profits, your passions, or figuring out what those are.


Well, not all people. Some simply aren’t worth it¹.

¹to you. That’s my whole point though, innit?

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Im not very active on the forum, mostly lurking but man, so much love in this thread.

My tip for anyone struggling is to keep busy. Kinda like @glyphiks said, you wont have time to speak with the ghosts in your head if you’re busy. Meditation/mindfulness is really usefull as well but can be tricky to get in to (alot of woo woo out there).


Thats it dude. Stay in the moment and out of your own head. Go for a skate. Hit the workshop and make esk8 stuff :call_me_hand: I find building stuff is super helpful for me :blush:


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Today I learned that, apparently, people with autism have a tendency to LOVE(and be quite good at) fishing. I don’t know if any of you have any autistic loved ones, but if you do, take them fishing. They might really enjoy it, and that would be good.


gotta say I used to absolutely hate fishing, mostly because it was boring.

now I hate it because it makes me do stuff while trying to relax.

am autistic.

I’m terrible and never catch anything, but I enjoy being touching distance from a large body of water. It soothes my soul. So, while I personally don’t go much, I’ll always accept the invitation.


that’s the best kind of fishing, when you don’t have to fish

To get back on topic, though, I was reading this article about how autists(as my Spanish friends call them) tend to both have my same appreciation for open bodies of water and their calming effects, and love simple mechanisms like a fishing rod, which combine to equal “they probably would love fishing.” And the gigantic horde of commenters confirmed, we’ve got 4 year old autists winning fishing competitions and whatnot.