Mental health - please take care of it

man, you not alone but in short , if you start to have conversation with your family, friends , neighbourhood, it will help you a lot , even if you feel like shit, do it ! the more you do it the more you gonna feel better and remember we all different and its the beauty of life to be a unique person, what i look in a person is the soul not what it look like , i am someone who also like to talk same shit like you, i think everybody love life but we need projects to Create our own self-esteem, something to Hanging on, sometime i want to quit when i have theses esk8 project or woodwork, and its a pain when anything work as it should be but i continue to ask help and finally i win and its great feeling and that why life its not easy ! if it was so easy it will become very boring , remember all what you have done in past is a manner to know what you are ! sometime my friends told me am getting old and starting to have some fears in lot of thing but i still have pride ! hey am almost 50year old and i ride electric board at 50mph ! so yes i am a fucking weirdo to do thing like that ! and i can tell you when i was young i have build lot of self confidence by taking stupid chance to almost killing my self in all of stupid thing i have done , but now i still have self esteem , and remember, all esk8 rider are badass peoples ! when you ride you know the danger, but you feel alive and if you fall off the board no matter what happen you want to go back riding and why ? life is the same as riding session if you fall off your board , you wake up and repeat and try again and you get better and better, normal peoples can’t ride theses board , they prefer to sit on a sofa and watch netflix lol! you not that guy ! you like to take chance ! and a brave person !
everything you do can change people life! even me ! because it push me to learn from others, if you feel to change thing you can do it but nobody can do it for you for sure ,

this guy change my mind so much it broke me in half the first time i listen to this video it’s brutal and i use it when i need it !
my english is bad but i don’t give up ! it took me 1 hour to write this but i DID IT!


This is why you are the second most liked guy on the forum :heart_hands:


I will kick your nuts, off of your nuts


you lucky to have this kind of love for free :rofl: from venom121212 because some weird peoples pay to have theses kind of treament :rofl: :rofl: :joy:


I’m dyslexic and a dirty dirty fucker, when I first read the above post I thought it said I’ll lick your nuts off your nuts! First thing I thought was “Dawn Mills! Is that you?! Dam I e missed you girl!”

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@tech.shit , hi this is intended to be positive and constructive, I’m not a good communicator, and one of my many flaws is taking something someone says trying to help me and beat myself with it, so please understand any criticism is it the best possible motivation.

I think what @Venom121212 said was insightful. Depression can be a bit addictive in an odd way. It’s familiar and weather we( including my self here) know it or not sometimes it can be the only attention we get. And for some people even negative attention is better than nothing. Justin made a good point in that you have had conflict and still people are trying to help and not shutting you down, trivializing your issues or banning you. I’m not sure how old you are but in my experience this group is extremely rare. This book helped me.( taming your inner gremlin) There are tools and methods for helping manage problems like this. And as I’ve said till I’m blue in the face, none of you are alone in this, it’s a common growing issue.

I don’t have anything profound to say other than depression is like a crazy lover you know you should leave. Don’t lean in to it. Good luck, Jason


who dat?

fut fr, yeah I’ve been following responses here closely. Every interaction I’m hoping is building me towards a better, more cohesive mental state. I’m only just starting to recognize specific traumas that led me here. it’s a ‘work in progress’ my therapist tells me, and it feels like a really difficult one.


it’s good to know we all want the same thing.

also, as far as not paying for stuff that was honestly just a misunderstanding on top of 2 parties mistakes, one of which was the shipping company. I don’t think it’s fair to place that situation’s blame entirely on me.


Please don’t dwell on the past, we all make mistakes. There are 2 sides to every story .
I’ll digress for a second, so un like me to be off topic. My eldest child asked if I’d talk about the divorce and why it happened even “ if there would be a few white lies in there “

I declined saying “ at one point I thought I’d love to tell you my side, but I can’t with out dragging your mom down, there’s always 2 sides to every story and the only truth in them is both parties were at fault “

This is a wonderful community, I think I speak for most of us saying, it’s not how we fall , but how we get up. None of us can change the past, focus on the here and now.

We all want what is best for everyone.( blow me if you don’t )Holding on to past grudges is counterproductive.
We tend to post the positive things in our lives because, who wants to see me drunk off my ass at 3 am with my head under a blanket crying over the latest hurtful thing @BillGordon said?

It gives a false sense of reality, then people try to compare their lives to the “ accepted norm” and they feel bad, because they have a real life , with real problems.

Exercise helps even if you don’t feel like it, social interaction helps and surprisingly even if you are struggling ( like most people) helping others is very cathartic.

Hopefully you will all excuse my well meaning bull shit, it’s 10:45 am and I’m getting drunk after losing an argument about what my name is or weather the sun is in the sky. Take care


I think you summed up everything nicely, two sides to every coin. Nothing at all ever works if you don’t help it along a little bit. No relationship, no device, no social group or method of governance, no organization - will survive apathy… mental health too.

It’s hard for me to work on myself as a person and it’s so easy to sulk. Unfortunately health is uphill. Sometimes just surviving is a struggle and I don’t really give myself credit for that. I know academically but my fefees dont understand lists or silver linings. Exercise and contributing a little bit where i can helps.

It’s so nice to nerd out hard on this site and have dozens of yall help me figure this shit out. I keep one skate working and one on the bench to work on. I try to make the meetups and see yall and your scooty death machines while showing off my scooty death machines. It’s good


Just remember the basics. Any day without a battery fire is a good day.

Yesterday was a good day :slight_smile:


the best thing for mental health is hash infused pre rolls

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