[MEGA SALE US] All sold!

Everything sold and shipped in my other post.


Dibs on the full pass, checking sizes rn

Someone pm’d 3 minutes before you. If he backs out its yours.

Okay, what’s shipping to DE 19711?

came here for the pass :frowning:


Okay it seems I priced the Pass too low everyone just wants the pass. I just hate to do this right now but increasing the price for it, now selling for $140 shipped to anyone in US, $130 if you pick up from Oakland.


seriously dude. Thats your right. $40 for a $300 helmet is insane

can i has the bkb pulleys shipped to Sydney 2156 Australia :australia:?

Let me check the shipping costs.
@mynamesmatt Cheapest shipping I can see is $36 via USPS


How much for the deck and enclosure?

120 shipped for both in US.

@iamasalmon I’ll send you pics soon
@river Yes, you can pick up from oakland, or SF during work hours.
I got both your PM’s but I can’t create new reply’s coz its my first day posting on this new forum. I’ll just edit this post until then.

@pookybear You can fit some pretty big batteries in that enclosure as it can take double stacked batteries but the deck may not work best with that enclosure, or you might have to mold the enclosure.

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tbh, i’d make it 200. If it’s not used that is still a good price for a 300 dollar helmet.

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Idk about that I’ve paid less than 200$ for the 3 TSG pass’s i’ve ordered.

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Was it from a GB though…

Why do you need 3 passes?

2 Where group buy Passes and 1 Was from longboarder labs in vancouver.

Well one is My girlfriends the other 2 are mine.

Really I should throw my old one out as it’s toast but I can’t bring myself to trash a 300$ helmet even if it is compromised.

And the One I bought from boarderlabs a few months ago was actually the cheapest!

There’s an insane retail markup on these helmets for some reason


How much to get another from longboarder labs for me? :wink:

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@spei U looking for a DieBieBMS?

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Price for enclosure shipped to 04347 Maine?