Mega Esk8 Wiki idea

Dear Esk8 Community, to help this and other parts of the amazing Esk8 community, would you all help to contribute to a mega wiki. This wiki would cover all the “Nooks and Cranny’s” of esk8. From the good of esk8, to the bad. If this wiki was to be created, would anyone be interested in contributing?


Could you explain that a bit more ? I would like to contribute if I can…


I know the link above isn’t an end all but it’s a pretty solid amount of info. I also had an idea like this but for parts that I started on the old forum. It takes a lot to keep updated but @moon already started one here too


The “Mega Esk8 Wiki” would be separate from the forums, it would hold important information for noobs, to veterans. Ex:
Or ex:
This wiki for Esk8 would organize information for ease of access. Instead of searching through forums, click on a header on the wiki and it lists the information you need neatly!
If this wiki is going to be created, it would need some people to fill it with info about Diy Esk8!

I think people would prefer the wiki staying on the forum so that people can comment on posts. But I do think we could use links to other posts to create a wiki network. One main page linking to big categories, which would have links to more specific topics. Someone just needs to put in the effort to do it lol

I personally would like only to donate money to one platform, this one right here. And if I’m not donating to help run it, I don’t trust it anymore. Enertion screwed that trust up for me.