Meepo nls pro best kit for 700?

It seems like summer is almost over. So I find myself in need of a new board around the 700 dollar zone, that also has moderate assembly and decent specs.
I present to you the NLS pro
here’s my build plan unassembled in a kit form 700
1 year later add
saftey gear

only 6 month warranty? That doesn’t seem like a good deal at all; and even if you do upgrade the ESC, the weak hub motors will still be limiting you a lot. has a much better board with higher quality components for around the same price. But if you really want a prebuilt asap, then getting a used board from a different brand might be the way to go.


Jared @BuildKitBoards is offering a fully built board starting at 600. Supporting the community is always better imo.


thank you guys ill check them out

as for the meepo warranty its 6 months and they add another 2 months if something goes wrong

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I have a Meepo NLS Pro powered (v3 ESC, v3 Hubs and new LED Remote) DIY, which definitely cost less than $700 inc a 10s3p 30Q battery. It’s a decent ride, not mega quick, but very smooth and powerful enough for the small hills I have in my part of the world. Decent range too at around 14miles of relaxed riding. For a budget build this is very pleasing!


thanks for the input!

While id have to agree with the above post… (BKB kit) his dual kits are sold out on his site, maybe hit him up?

But if hubs are your thing, meepo all day. Your plan see.s legit. Im not a fan of the 2 enclosures tho. . Also 700, its already built and ready to go. If your gonna swap an esc… go better than the flipsky. Id rather stick with the hobby wing.

Gonna have to agree with the others that the BKB board is a better move. NLS pro is good but doesn’t compare to the pure value of the components and the performance you would get from BKB

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Thanks for all of the kind words guys! I’m trying to get the dual kits back ASAP, but a realistic timeline is 30 days


sorry I need one in 15 I wish it could work though

Why not start out with this?

EDIT: Didn’t read the 2 other recco’s for this lol.


yup thanks anyway

Another vote for he BKB kit unless you’re really set on hub motors.

Um if you’re in the US definitely go with the BKB kit.

i like it but i cant wait 30 days for the dual to come back in stock

RegularThanks for all of the kind words guys! I’m trying to get the dual kits back ASAP, but a realistic timeline is 30 days

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Even the single motor is arguably a better investment

And you think meepo will have your board at your door in 15? Are they your nextdoor neighbors?

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guarenteed delivery by the 25th

Yeah but those hubs are pretty fucking shit in terms of ride comfort. I made the mistake of buying a Meepo once. I would 100% rather wait for BBK’s kit rather than get complete trash parts for same money just 15 days earlier.

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The 100mm hubs have received really good feedback. Not saying they’re as comfortable as 100mm boas but definitely not the same as the OG meepo hub motors.

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