Meepo & Newbee cloning SRB trucks. Same company? (update: answer is no)

Yeah, those nose pieces are garbage I’ll give you that. It should be part of the cnc’d baseplate.
I got rid of mine long time ago. I have hit curbs twice over 30mph and once at 37, surprisingly no issues.

Nothing against you, but you seem to be a lonewolf with most these issues, at least with the HD version.
Everything will have outliers but they dont speak for the overall consensus.
While the puck is a fine remote, I personally know a single soul who has had 4 bad pots, some folks just be unlucky unfortunately. Although that is much less of an outlier than your 3link woes…

Case in point:

Chris destroys everything(!), destroyed the OG links, yet HDs are holding up for him, off road too boot.