Meepo Modding/ 2 ER Batteries, 1 BMS, 1 charge port

It is possible to wire 2 Meepo ER batteries into the original BMS/chargepoint? I am thinking about getting another enclosure to put 2 ER batteries, the original charging port and BMS (just 1 of each) into. I’d like to be able to charge the batteries and see there percentages as if there where a 10s4p pack. I also know i’d need a tx60 parallel connector to hook both batteries up to the ESC. Is there a parallel connecter for the batteries to the esc?

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes…but two charge ports are goood imo…I got two on my Fancy Nancy

with some creativity you can fit 10s4p 18650 into the original meepo enclosure :grin:

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and with a bit more creativity and another battery enclosure you could fit 10s8p underneath your meepo, Thats more energy your hubs can handle in one ride.

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10s4p ended up overheating the hubs too, after 10ish miles they get waaaaaay too hot

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Prove it!

Yeah, I can imagine that. For dual hubs 10s3p whatever cell is the sweet spot to make sure the batteries are empty before everything goes up in fire or just melting the hubs. 4WD doubles the fun and riding time, but even they get pretty hot after hard riding. If I were a vendor selling hub motor boards, they would only come on 10s3p to make it as idiot proof as possible.
On the DiY side you can crank that up, just know about your weak parts and be careful.

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yeah but honestly why would you even want to ride a meepo for over 10 miles…unless you have some perfect road surfaces to ride on. the vibration form those hubs :scream:

I love my hub motors, and I love how they feel.
Rough but awesome.

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Yeah I have a soft spot for meepo for sure, my first board! And got me into this whole thing

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I realized I wasn’t clear on my post. Would I be able to use a JST plug splitter to charge both batteries from the same port? What if I connect both batteries to the battery screen, then have a single wire from the battery screen to the charge port?

Yes, you can. FYI, even an xt-60 will charge, its just that it bypasses the BMS.

Do not charge through the XT60…there is a reason the BMS is there

actually no, the meepo battery is bms discharge battery.


True, It just bypasses the charge portion of the BMS. Nonetheless, always charge through the BMS!!