MBS matrix 2 chain drive / single sprocket

Hi All

Let me introduce my new development

Chain drive for MBS Matrix 2 and MBS Hubs. I developed it mainly for me and friends around me but I have some pieces more.

  • made from Alu 7075 , designed and produced in Czech Republic

  • Pinions 9t with hardened teeth with keyway and 2x M5 screws

  • lightened rosettes 35t

  • complete clamping system

  • screws for motor nad for mount in strength category 12.9

  • chains are 06B no AliExpress bulhsh…

  • the transmission was calculated to have minimal wear, enoght strength and minimal weight compared to price.

  • in this system, the possibility of a foreign object entering is minimized, therefore the holders are wide and without holes, and there is a safety gap between the rosette and the pinion for unexpected chain breaks, so that it does not bite

  • holders are of two types:

SHORT - here it is not necessary to measure the extension of the chain, simply after reaching the end position for the engine, the chain is stretched to the maximum (3% according to European industry standard ) and needs to be replaced.

LONGER - a more universal holder with the possibility of adding a handle

Both mounts are able use also with belts and holes for idlers are already in

Cost for aluminium surface version is 230-250USD/EUR depends on payment method + shipping


Looks pretty clean! Good job


They look pretty sweet but also look like the clamps rely on grub screws into the hanger…

I have not seen a single clamp design that uses this clamping method be successful on matrix ii… they are just too soft. I much prefer actual ‘clamps’ like the old 2 piece design from BN or even the new one piece.

Prefer the 2 piece tho as it uses nylock nuts as opposed to the new one piece that requires a loctited bolt.


Hmm - didn’t notice that, thought the motor cables were a crossbeam lol

I concurr tho, the TB mounts that used to use only setscrews on Caliber 2 were the worst. Maybe this isn’t as bad because of the shape, but if they’re that soft I could see them having issues long term

While i’m being picky, i feel like that crossbar would be better placed closer to the motors

Edit: oh, i misread that. It is the phase wires :rofl:

The mount looks like it has a hole for a cross bar right there tho

With one piece designs there is a risk of the mount getting permanently stuck on the hanger if the fit is tight and some force is needed to get the mount fully on the hanger. that is how my motor mounts ended up a step bellow being welded to the hanger. 0/10 do not recommend Although I can’t really see how that first piece is even being secured to the hanger for this design. I’m guessing the grub screw hole is just not visible in the photos?


I wouldn’t be too concerned about this getting stuck on the hanger, the tolerance is quite loose until the bolt is tightened. Personally still prefer the 2 piece design tho .


2 piece is definitely good but I think that clamp style with the single clamping screw is good too

No clamping action in my experience has been the most annoying

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Iam afraid in this case about tolerances, Therefore I use one pcs clamp with 4 screws. And clamps are enough wide, I have no issues.

Two pcs clamp is good solution but looks for my too big and not so clean design. I have no issues with this design.

On both mount are holes for crossbar and idlers. Crossbars are just options. Not needed for 6374 or 6384.

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what the weight on the motor mounts?

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Personally not a fan of the grub screw style attachment, but if it works for you, that’s great :+1:

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See pictures below. I can add also sprocket and chain if You interested:)


Video added FACKO CHAIN DRIVE - YouTube


I love the detail about inherently limiting chain stretch! Also, im glad to see the set screws on the clamps are spaced 90deg apart. I often see them spaced at 180deg and it’s always painful to look at. These look like some though out motor mounts. Very cool.

What material is the surface of your tabletop? (The black plastic with circular bumps). I’ve also seen it in Etoxx’s videos, and it looks like a nice solution if it isn’t too expensive.


Hi. Thank You. The screws layout on clamps is also becouse of tolerances to setup mount to ‘zero point’ to have correct end stop for chain measuring.

On my desk is rubber. It is one from 3 basic designs available here in hobbymarkets. The main purpose is to use it on floor in workshops.And price is ok.

Hi All. I have last set available. If You would like to have reliable solution for Your MBS matrix 2 just send me a massage.

Still available…

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Chain drive looks sweet. I will fall asleep to the beautiful tones of your melodious voice this evening as well. Win - win.

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