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MBoards Interstellar - Unfortunate, and a bit dangerous

I didn’t think I’d ever actually see one of these kits in person. I’ll dispense with my usual long-winded narrative, and just get to the story.

A friend of mine runs One Stop Board Shop, a PEV shop in New Jersey. I’ve known him for years, his shop is good and does well. They’re a good resource. A customer of theirs bought an MBoards kit, and tried to put it together, and from what I understood, had trouble configuring the ESCs. It came to him bringing the board to the shop and saying “I just can’t anymore, please just make it work.”

One Stop mostly services Onewheels, Evolves, various scooters and ebikes, etc. So, after digging through this box of random parts, they reached out and we chatted about the kit. Long story short, I went out to the shop to help them and take a look. It was a good hangout excuse anyway.

Turns out, it was the Interstellar kit, and they had issues assembling it. When I tried to…it was clear why.

I was told that the customer was only met with 2 options on the order page, relating to battery size. 10s4p or 12s4p. Naturally they chose the larger battery. The issue is that the parts they sent, don’t at all fit in the enclosure. They sent two single ESCs, plus an anti-spark switch, and some of the longest leads I’ve seen for a switch.

So…nothing fits. Also, one of the motors had malfunctioning sensors. Not necessarily their fault, but annoying nonetheless for a kit that’s aimed at an average inexperienced user.

The trucks and motors are what you’d assume. Caliber clones and older style Flipsky motors. I actually like Flipsky motors, and did before it was cool. So, no real complaint here.

The dangerous part is something that I really can’t believe they haven’t thought about.

The deck is flexible. Really flexible. As in…bouncy. The enclosure, however, isn’t. I’m not sure if it’s ABS, but it’s a standard plastic enclosure in a rigid shape. The plastic itself is twisty and maleable, but when it’s bolted down to the deck, the shape doesn’t flex. It’s a single tray, with the weight of the rider on the standoffs contained in the enclosure.

Any heavy rider will eventually (likely rather quickly), cause the enclosure to crack as it stresses from the weight. If it stays in use, the flexing weight of the deck will contact the battery, which is also not at all flexible.

If a rider of my weight (190lbs), or the customer (200lbs) actually managed to assemble this, and rode it, it’d eventually become a danger from the breakage of the enclosure and the stressed transfered to the battery.

I am unsure of the failure rates of their kits…but this doesn’t instill confidence. Not in the product, and not in their business. It shows a serious lack of wherewithawl to offer people a usable kit, when their website doesn’t know what parts are incompatible, or to offer something with no thought of longevity.

Unforutunate, frustrating, and kind of dangerous.


Open the battery! For science!


By the way, I want to express my appreciation for One Stop Board Shop. Their main expertise with repair is Onewheel, and they’re effective. You bring them a broken board, they return it fixed, and are transparent.

They called the customer on the phone while I was there, explained that they called me in to help and why, explained what my history of work was, and what my advice was and why I said it.

Sure, the owner is a friend, but they’ve done right by their clientele and have grown in part due to their frankness. I appreciate that.


I no longer have access to it, unfortunately.

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I had the misfortune of opening one. I thought I’d bought a rewrapped tiller battery.

The cells were silicones together, balance wires were taped down all over the place right against the cells, 0.15x8 nickel with stacked nickel for the balance tabs


Sounds like they tossed together what they had laying around in stock in an attempt to make some quick money. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

To offer this incompatible pile-o-parts…sorry, “kit”…to new riders, especially without a comprehensive assembly manual, borders on being criminal.


Hey man, Owner of MBoards here :slight_smile:

This is actually not the kit we sell. These parts were all added to the cart separately and custom selected. The deck and enclosure are the same as the kit. But the wheels, pulleys, ESCs, power button, and motors are all different than what that actual Interstellar kit comes with. You can check the description of our kit on our website if you’d like to see what it actually comes with. I agree, this set up isn’t the best fit.

We don’t recommend the use of 2 separate V4 vescs with this specific set up. We’d recommend a Dual Vesc of some kind.

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Popcorn ready

Where is @kook


If that’s the case, then the issue of component fit is answered. My reply to you here, is that rather than blindly fulfilling an order that clearly looks like it’s going to be kitted together, someone take a look at the packing slip and reach out to the customer. This is an issue of knowing the audience and consumer base that you’re serving. These are people with little to no build experience, coming to the site from YouTube, and buying things they perceive offer value.

That doesn’t, however, address the matter of this very flexible deck with that enclosure, and a rigid battery. Even if this setup were able to be assembled, the deck would crack the enclosure, and ultimately put a dangerous stress on the battery.

Why this deck and enclosure were selected to go together, I can’t understand.


@mariocontino you should reach out to see if it was actually a bunch of parts added to cart, or if he’s just giving a typical MBoard excuse

That situation has since passed by, it was a few weeks ago.

My points made above still stand.

While this is true:

You also explicitly say this (multiple times) as a bit of marketing:


As in, it’s the first paragraph on the product page. You would rightly expect the average MBoards customer to then “upgrade nearly any part” to something like those flipsky single escs



The Kook must be summoned to go strongarm Mr. Punchable face at his warehouse

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@mikebeard are you still around? Or did you drop off again?


When they say “upgrade nearly any part” they’re probably thinking the customer would change multiple parts are once, like getting a new enclosure to fit a new battery and new VESC.

This is neither a defence nor attack on mboards, just a speculative perspective