Maytech v2 remote

anyone have a link to a replacement antenna for the MTSKR2005WF 2.4GHZ receiver? I pinched my antenna in half somehow. I don’t need the 1M length the original is fine.

Does anyone know what the yellow cube component is for? Im a bit space constraint and wonder if this is a crucial part for the receiver, if its not i might just desolder this. Any help is appreciated!

I think it houses the relay, not sure I would remove it though. Try at your own risk,

I don’t think it would be an issue to remove it, but just take note of how it’s attached.

If you screw up, I think maytech sell that receiver unit separately.

That’s the relay. If you don’t use the relay pin you can remove it with zero consequences.

Got it, i’m gonna run the board with it first, and if it works properly, desolder it, and run it again. If it acts funny or whatnot, then i’ll solder it back. Cons of Carbon GT :smiling_face_with_tear:


Works fine without the relay in my experience (of stuffing too many things in a tiny space)

if your esk8 has extra leds, you can use the receiver relay switch or transistor(mosfet) switch to remote control the led circuit on and off. Recommend to check manual of two switch voltage and current.
refer link: How to use the Two Built-in Switches of MTSKR1905WF and MTSKR20WFV2 Re – MICHOBBY.COM