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Maytech New Upgraded Outrunner Motor with Cooling Mesh

Maytech New Upgraded C4 C5 Versions Motor | 6355 6374 6396

  1. Updated with stainless steel cooling mesh on back cover for better heat dissipation;
  2. Upgraded with curved magnets

6355 8mm Shaft:

6374 8mm Shaft:

6374 10mm Shaft:

6396 10mm Shaft:

We made some samples, if you want to test, contact me


intresting, is there any discount for these samples or is the listprice firm?
For such an attempt at a high end motor, why dont you use curved magnets? :frowning:
Might improve some parametrics even more


Hi Moulin, yes, for this version we have upgraded with curved magnets, next week I will update some pictures :wink:

Ah, I was looking at the product pages and the pictures, they did not have curved magnets :smiley: thanks for correction mooch


Because the samples are just back, haven’t had time to take pictures and edit details, we will update the description asap. :wink:

I’m def intrested in trying these motors, I’ll send you a DM and maybe I can find some more ppl that wants to join in on the purchase

Ok, you can also send me email to
Sometimes may not be able to check the forum message. :wink:


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Just so you guys know, I contacted and got very confusing and potentially sketchy information.

  • These are untested samples that are actually being sold to us at a higher than retail price.
  • A wholesale order is being made which will lower the price.

So if anyone thinks we were being offered a chance to get these motors at a heavy discount in exchange for feedback, potential improvements and reviews, this is not it.

I don’t expect to get free shit from manufacturers just because, but paying more to beta test is a no-no in my book. Take it as you will, I’m trying really hard to assume this is a poorly communicated new product with an early adopter tax.


What would be really cool to see on the motors without a motor can bearing (6374 and smaller) is an improved mechanism to hold the can to the shaft. 2 grub screws and relying on tolerances is not enough! Something like this would be awesome:

I swear I’ve seen these motors on some production boards already. BioBoards I think?

Actually i saw mesh on motors on trampa first but not in same way. But i think the way we made it will you see on several motors after ours, Lacroix already ordered a copy of it. But this is not the same motor or factory as ours. I did like and used Maytech 6374 motors before so hopefully this will be a nice motor to.


While I agree with you, this also not a major change to the foundation of original design on the old motors.
Its still a risk but I’d value it as a pretty low one


Recent maytech motors use a key to hold the can to the shaft, those probably use one too.

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I have read lots of bad experiences with sensored Maytech motors, from crunchy bearings to overheating (which these seem to specifically address)

They’re probably fantastic, but this post and the interaction I had were just…weird. We have lots of examples of clearly labeled beta products with discounts for people on the forum to test and I have no issues with that. Hell, I have a DIY onewheel on the bench running a beta single Spintend 75V that I bought and it was like 25% off AND clearly marketed as not thoroughly tested.

But paying extra for someone’s factory samples? No thank you!


I have a pair of maytechs already, and they’re pretty solid so far :slight_smile:
So hopefully these aren’t worse atleast.

I guess I’ll bite the bullet for the community and come back with some results


I agree, those prices are a bit high for something untested. I think we could all benefit if the seller would offer at least a 25% discount for members throwing the dice and testing these motors. Everyone should be on board with a discount for testing rather than paying full price I know I would :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dear friends, sorry for making you confusing, this post is just to update you with the message of our motors upgrading, not final selling.
We did our tests for the samples in the production line, but we still need to find experienced clients to do test with us before final release the new product to the market.
Please stayed tuned, once all tests completed and no problem, we will update soon.

Thank you for your advice, this is a good idea, but this kind design is mainly used for larger dia motors, the 6374 motor diameter is too small, is not suitable for this design.