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Maxkgo ESK8 Sport LED Strip Controller - - - SKP Review

Hey Guys,

A few month back @Maxkgoesk8 reached out to me and asked if I can review this product, He has also been very patient as I am WAAAY late on this review.

So here is my brief review

Here are my opinions:


Relatively easy, everything was pretty much plug and play. The kit comes with an XT60 Y splitter that you could use on your main discharge leads coming from your battery to power the Maxkgo unit, however since I have an xt90 on my main discharge, I simply soldered an extra set of of battery leads with an xt60 on them to power the unit.

Otherwise I simply followed the instruction in this PDF

and was able to get set up and connect to the lighting controller with my phone.


I was very impressed with amount of customization that was available, you could customize

-LED Strip Colors for
-The speed at which the LEDs light up and dim

This is really cool! I personally am not big on underflow LEDs, But this kit was super easy to set up, even with having to add a second set of main battery leads total set up time was under 10 Minutes.

The part that would take longest is affixing your LEDs to your board, but this is not a reflection of the LED Kits function so I wont expound on that.


-Easy to set up
-A lot of customization available
-Compatible with High Voltage builds up 80v


My main concern is that the lighting strip controller got a little bit too hot for my personal liking.
My kit came with the controller on the right, after about 10 minutes of playing around with lights on, I noticed it heated up quite a bit, like I probably couldn’t have held it in my hand for longer then 5 or 10 seconds. I am always weary of putting anything into an enclosure that heats up, because there is no airflow in there and a lot of things that are sensitive to heat. I am not sure if this is because I had 2 LED strips hooked up to it, or if that is the normal function, but be aware of this, and keep the lighting strip controller away from things that cant handle a bit of heat.

  • Need a free UART port, between a UART remote and Davega, this doesn’t leave you with much free UART space, so you have to really want this over any of the other devices you would use.


As I mentioned before I am usually not one to add these sorts of things to my builds, but this particular one was very easy to set up and I like that, I also love the amount of customization available and @Maxkgoesk8 was super helpful when I hit a nooby snag in the set up. I am looking forward to trying out more of their products.


Interesting that it had thermal issues. Granted i haven’t played with the ESP32 a ton, but it’s a common microcontroller and I’ve never heard anything about overheating.


Maybe it just runs really hot

One of the buck converters I have to drive my headlights gets hot enough to not be able to touch either. It’s in an external case though so I’m not worried about. The FETs get hot enough to melt hot glue though


Thank you for this valuable information. :rose: :rose:
Yes, it will be a little hot, but about 50 Celsius is normal for this chip.
Being aging test, it could be used for long time. :blush:


Great review!

I expanded on that a bit over here. :grin:

I also noticed the controller gets warm even with no LED strip connected.


I can expand on this a bit

You can set it up with ANY brand phone or ANY brand computer as long as you have wifi. Do not worry about it. It doesn’t matter what operating system you have, as long as you have wifi and a web browser.

It’s really nice.

Yeah, we have figured out a solution. Now the led strip purchased in the store would be shipped with adhesive in its back, we deal with the the back of the led light with a special ahesion promoter. It’s very fixed , don’t need to worry peel off any more.