Matrix II’s or hypertruck

Thx for your input! I think I’m gonna just skip over hyper trucks… I’m probably going to go with m2 for the first setup and later on get the @moon setup later and test it out and if I like them I will put the m2 on my mountain board and if I don’t like them I will just sell them. I honestly think that 3 links are the future but they are more $ and I want to get my skills up before I jump to them


Hehe, only person I know of who rocks both like there regular trucks :love_you_gesture:t3:

*And if I don’t like them I will sell them

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Anyone know if hypertruck baseplates will work with matrix 2 or 3ds Fatboy hangars?

definitely no on matrix ii

Thanks. To be more specific, I’m wondering if I can use 3ds Fatboy 320 hangars along with Radium riptide bushing adapters and install on hypertruck baseplates. Reason is I feel like I’m getting some bushing slip on the matrix 2 baseplates since they lack the small lip for limiting horizontal bushing movement.

I have both available to try…just being lazy and seeing if anyone else tried before.